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  1. Same man, i actually did that the other day. I definitely made a lot of progress in my letter structure, but i definitely have a long way to go. Used to try to do all kinds of crazy unnecessary shit with my pieces and nowadays my style is super simple, but i feel like it looks alright and has a little flavor.
  2. Look dude, if you can’t take a bit of constructive criticism, you picked the wrong culture to get involved with. We’re trying to help you. I don’t know where your from, but the streets can get real as fuck, and if you’re going to cry and defend your garbage tag and put yourself above anyone already, just quit. Graff is going to be nothing but stress for you and you’ll never progress. You’re posting in a toy thread, you obviously know you’re not good, so get your head out of your ass and start simple. Straight letters back to back to back. And i don’t know if there are any heads writing LIFE that have a huge name, but trust me, it’s unoriginal. Almost every city I’ve been to I’ve seen some toy tagging life with a sharpie. Just do yourself a favor and come up with something else. That letter set up is garbage anyways.
  3. Something other than a sticker for once
  4. Life, your tag is pretty beat to be honest. Like other dude said, you’re trying too hard to make it look like graffiti. Just do some nice legible all caps letters and go from there. Also, id pick a different name, life is very far from unique. But that’s entirely up to you.
  5. Last one, new name, just tryina get a feel for it
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