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  1. i need a close up in HD of that web mmbrane looking thing...pm a nga
  2. slo075


    started out the same, but joined a car club and ended up spending thousands on some of mine...competeing and stuff...gold chrome engraved and the whole deal....still have some cruisers now....
  3. same, never dug into it because i didnt have to but looks noteworthy. Im thinking its like a solidworks type of parametric...
  4. Interesting, ill have a look into this already use a dozen other CAD software's daily....
  5. slo075


    titles and authors please, descriptions of covers dont help much
  6. aint seen nothing modern that is really scarry other than by having a jump scare in it....where the actual storyline is frightening ... theres freaker shet on Ytube and personal blogs.... any suggestions
  7. Graffiti is not about asking for permission. respect is earned as anywhere else in life. Know the consequences and prepare accordingly.
  8. Essentially paint is a poly pigment (plastic manufactured from a mineral such as petroleum or others) it will be solvent or water based and in cans it is made airborne by the propellant pressurised inside. after degassed of the most pressure it will likely not leak due to the exterior ambient pressure being greater than that of the inside of the can, the propellant can affect the nervous system alone and is more prone to be airborne for a longer period of time in the vicinity and tends to be inhaled more than actual pigment since its lighter than the pigment which hits the substrate and makes your mark. The propellant will be more of what you ingest. with some residual overspray. The gas will be corrosive to some extent especially on organic tissue. ie Your fucking lungs. It would also affect the nervous system long term. specifically your brain and end receptors. This would be after sever long term like asbestos or other airborne materials. Will you feel it next week probably not. in your 40s maybe (20 years later) and we are talking after heavy bombing on a daily basis. as for crates of cans under your bed..especially empty no its not something of major concern other than flammability and stench. Not that its not bad but you are likely to get shot by a crip gang member or die by car accident than this long term effect taking your life. -Dr.Slo
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