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  1. Just as a goof, try heroin. -artie lang
  2. This must be fucking 1990 or some shit
  3. New bedford i think 2004? Spoke mad vase ....
  4. All hard copy flicks enjoy hope youre baked.
  5. Ok someone go or im done lol. I got like 15 more good ones that arent online.
  6. Avid 1994. Also a rare flick as far as appearing online. They were rocking with exacto and dudes from D.C. and something happened with exacto and they came back and rolled over all of their own pieces at this spot. Exakto**
  7. 1999 i think, m31, one my favotite new gen style pieces outta boston. Not even remoltely no-neg. Not a new generation writer though. Dudes been doing work from what ive observed for a long time.
  8. I qould say this is highly rare to have as an actual flick. 1992 bos.
  9. What else ya got , did you flick anything else on those mbta tracks that day ?
  10. No that is pretty rare because i know personally, i felt like every mural that was down there would always be there, and these were kodak film days so you had to carefully choose how you used your roll of film. So that is by IW crew and commissioned by the city through a program called young graffiti masters. I was in it for a summer. I went to the program in 1996 , and that wall had been completed for quite awhile. I will guess it was painted in late 94-95. Also, if you look at the NSone tag in white fat cap. Thats a very early NSone. So its very possible that wall was painted as early as 1993.
  11. Boxes near sullivan , current. Probably stuck there in 2016- 17 but well protected from the elements.
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