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  1. Are handstyles and characters allowed here too Hua
  2. Painting in the cold sucks especially in nor Idaho when it gets below freezing so props to you
  3. That was me at a few MO the over my 1st year again like he said quality vs time
  4. I should have connect the I and 's and just should have had a normal a
  5. Keep doing it you clearly need to your style will come from that after you do it right
  6. Do you just get photos off the internet
  7. Man I miss sac can someone check if the yellow bridge still has any heaven tags those were dope
  8. When was the last time you went out to paint]
  9. Still not that good but I don't practice it much anymore now that schools started My e is ass
  10. yeah that was my shit from 4th grade. But honestly my hybrid wikdstyLe is still pretty bad
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