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  1. My survival life things are food and water. Otherwise, I couldn't have done anything right.
  2. That's amazing! I'd also like to try a firearms course soon.
  3. Furrytwen


    Imaginative Realism by James Gurney is also a good book. You may read also about Artistic Representation: Art & Photography Books 2018. You could learn more from the lists.
  4. I will choose Toyota over Nissan. I've tested this car for so many years and it's worth driving.
  5. Gas will always be expensive here.
  6. Maybe this is it for me! "Wake Me Up When September Ends” -- Green Day:tonguewink:
  7. Music can't exactly heal but there are some that can help to reduce stress and depressive symptoms.
  8. I'm a bit excited to join my niece in snowboarding soon!
  9. Furrytwen


    Well, I like this! It's cool!
  10. I agree that music is therapeutic and improves self expression. I personally like this music Without you by Oh Wonder, sadly I can't put the link.
  11. I am having my snacks now. Orange juice and some sandwich.
  12. I like this particular quote, "Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching."
  13. I am here to say hi to all of you.
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