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hrtlss domingues

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  1. hrtlss domingues

    the NEW sketch thread

    probably done on the tiger piece but I like the ghost piece and I'm digging the alts piece dude I cant change my name does anyone know how I would do that?
  2. hrtlss domingues

    The Hip Hop Thread

    yung lean and bones pixelated tears, xxxtentacion sippin tea in yo hood, Xavier wulf bluntz on my mind, ztarve carousel, playboy the beast self made self paid, dieabolik the monster fear of falling, dieabolik the monster if I tried, ztarve excorcist, slug Christ impregnate a goddess, bones butterfly, dose one self explanatory, oldominion parallel to hell, jedi mind tricks,
  3. hrtlss domingues

    the NEW sketch thread

    I like the pen filling on the red alts piece. I used to be really good at pen freestyles but I don't draw that much anymore.
  4. hrtlss domingues

    IT was pretty damn good

    yeah I was gonna go see that movoie tomorrow but I guess that we are going to see Spider-Man homecoming instead. I wanted to see it ima get it when it come out on dvd plus just got a vhs player so I ma be watching a buncha old skool vhs 's when I get some.
  5. hrtlss domingues

    T-shirts / Hats?

    i'm about to get some insane clown pose shirts and a zune off ebay.com. about how many people use this site? I didn't see much in the paper chase blackbooks section. I thought there would be more than that I wisht that puregraffiti.com was still around. that site used to be with the shit.
  6. hrtlss domingues

    The Hip Hop Thread

    naw your right I didn't want to see it shit had me mad a lil bit
  7. hrtlss domingues

    The Hip Hop Thread

    I like hip hop but cant think of any bands to put on here iknow xxxtentacion dude there was this video of him there was a neuce and two little kids and he like blessed the kid and put the neuce around his head and walked off and pulled the rope and hung the kid
  8. hrtlss domingues

    Street Wear Clothing and Tees

    I'm about to start getting more graffiti clothing because graffiti reflects my life graffiti is life for me but first I gotta quit smoking these damn cigarettes because they bad for my health
  9. hrtlss domingues


    I wish I was still fifteen I used to dress so fresh back in the seventh grade man it was unbearable.i used to have hoes on the daily.
  10. hrtlss domingues

    The Street Sticker Thread

    I like replicants posts he posts some nice artwork.
  11. hrtlss domingues

    If a graffiti writer writes next to you.

    yes it is alright but I think you should at least go with the natural style on the wall at lease
  12. hrtlss domingues

    The Hip Hop Thread

    danny brown, asap rocky,
  13. hrtlss domingues

    The Hip Hop Thread

    uhh bones, misogi, yunggrandpa, rich chigga, young thug,
  14. hrtlss domingues

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    about to go to sleep just trying to fill in five messages before i do so on here
  15. hrtlss domingues

    weed heads/kings by trade!

    ima save my weed money this week and get some of the stuff off the 12ozprophet shop i rep twelve oz prophet like my hood or something