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  1. I didn't think Priest was that cool when I was younger but then I grew up
  2. Some seriously impressive collections on here. I grabbed a couple back issues of Can Control from the 90's on their website. Sometimes cool stuff pops up on eBay but none of the stuff I'm looking for. If anyone knows anyone with deadstock back issues of any 90's zines please let me know!
  3. Just went through Detroit. Definitely still a scene there... Gonna upload some flicks shortly. Anyone else got some recent shit? There's a lot of people doing stuff right now.
  4. that paebak piece is the most over the top piece of graffiti I've maybe ever seen. Gonna have to go out to WV just to see it in person, it's that good.
  5. female oven cleaner caps are the truth, and you can get them from most any grocery store.
  6. dope flicks. is Remake still painting?
  7. hell yeah man. appreciate ya
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