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  1. That woman is legit. Yes she is likely crazy but this is a real thing assholes are doing to the mentally ill and marginalized members of society. They choose them because exactly as you all have reacted, if they ever try to speak up about it they just end up sounding like lunatics, and if they actually have a mental illness it just makes it that much easier. I have a friend who is going through it and Ive caught them in the act of doing things to him. I didnt believe it either until I had seen it with my own eyes. Apparently its a secret program that a number of companies criminals and governments are taking part in for a number of reasons, to do everything from silence dissent or isolate whistleblowers to causing someone they dont like to commit suicide without them having to step in and actually get their hands dirty. Look, Snowden was legit, you would have laughed if you ever heard someone talking about the things he proved were real, why then does this seem like such a far stretch? Corruption is everywhere