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  1. All I've really done recently. Hoping to get back on ADHD meds in a couple days so I can produce more shit.
  2. Here's an exchange I did with some dude
  3. Right? My buddy and I got caught in 09 doing throwups and I was on felony probation for almost three years. It's insane and I never want to live through it again. I kept doing illegals til I was like 24, and after that I just wasn't able to rationalize it for myself anymore. Still gotta catch a tag once in a while though hahaha. It just sucks because you guys know as well as I do that anyone who does this shit is addicted to it because we're retards.
  4. Banok, your pieces are dope. The painted ones look great too. I've been itching to actually go paint again for the last couple years. The last two times I tried we had to bail mid fill and I kind of took it as an omen. Can't afford to get caught ever again. Having a career and people who depend on you sucks sometimes hahahaha
  5. Some more crap and a few collabs from recent years, if you can't tell I get bored of writing the same thing all the time
  6. Elbow, I dig your stuff, with the amount of work you put in I'm sure we'll see your styles evolve pretty quickly. I wish I had the motivation to pump out half as many sketches. Anymore it's like I get two letters in and bail on it.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I know what you mean though. I started in the early 2000s and was really inspired by a lot of the stuff on freights from that time, there was a lot of of innovative stuff going on then. The newer styles that I see, I can appreciate them, but they're really watered down in my opinion.
  8. Thanks man, I've been checking shit out on this site forever but I never posted anything til now for some reason.
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