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  1. First off, glad I went when I did, if I had to start from scratch today, fuck it, I'd get into a trade. That being said, I feel like once I weigh out the pros & cons it was the right move. Luckily my mother forced me to go, once I got in however, I knew it was worth it to finish it. I wish I had more direction and a better idea of the impact a degree could have, (at 18 all you want to do is smoke and fuck, feel me?) but having a degree is an asset. My BA is from a reputable public university. It never landed me a job per se, but it has been a factor in getting hired, and at my current job I was promoted at warp speed partially because of it. I fortunately have no debt, between working through school, grants(grades) and help from my mother I paid as I went and avoided loans. I would NEVER go on loans alone. As I approach 30, and now that I am part of a large company, I have been seriously considering my masters. Where and in what, I don't know. Then I think of the cost and have a legit hard time convincing myself it would be worth it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't type situation. Overall answer: Yes, it was worth it.
  2. Fuck yes....glad to see you're back out on the road. You give me hope that this life isn't completely incorporated just yet. If you ever come to Virginia, PM me!
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