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  1. Wild sex escapades. Even if you aren't kinky, get kinky. Dudeman wants to be loud after hours or won't pick up his/her shit? Bring home random sex partners every night and get loud..... that worked for me anyway.
  2. More about the ass...but god damn, this page is win OMB
  3. Man, I don't even care that everything in the water there would try to(and be able to) kill me, I need to be there right now...
  4. AmuroRay


    This was heart felt, thanks for being candid, although I'm sure it was cathartic to write. Sex is surely my addiction, I drink and smoke pot regularly, but have no problem going cold turkey. I've done the things you spoke about ad nauseum, my hunger for vagina is insatiable it seems. So many great nights and adventures, yet, the ones who got away or the lackluster mornings persist in the mind. Drug use definitely makes things more complicated, i'm kinky/freaky enough naturally, but weed can turn me into a sexual maniac at times. Best advice I can give you, don't fret about it, some people will never know what good sex is like. Be upfront with your lady, advice I live by. Some of the things I've told the mrs. weren't easy, there were plenty of awkward talks, unfulfilled requests, and complicated smiles, but honesty really is the best policy. The way I see it, I rather lose my woman because I revealed who I am than keep her around under the guise of being a half measure of myself.
  5. False, first I am hearing about it....not surprised in the least. Tpbm loves Mac Demarco
  6. Would a basic income for every person fix the world? Or would people pervert it like everything else and make it the biggest mistake since the atomic bomb?
  7. To me, it's one of those things you either get or you don't. If you don't/haven't done it, you can't comprehend the feeling and entirety of it. It's like swimming with sharks in a cage or skydiving, you can watch it, imagine it, whatever, but there is no surrogate for the smell of paint while you're standing on an 8 inch platform sixty feet above the ground. The world wouldn't look right without it, and anyone can do 'art' in a studio, the real art is in the streets, the alleys, the walls and the tracks.
  8. Come to Richmond VA! Tons of islands on the river to conquer, hipster bitches to smooze, and cheap beer.
  9. A friend of mine gave massages for a period when he was damn near rock bottom. A lot of his clientele were older men, bi or gay I'm sure, but he also had a fair number of couples who were probably into this kind of thing. He wound up fucking one of the wives, but she was gross. Do what you gotta do....
  10. Filthy fucking habit, but god damn it looks cool. I can count on my fingers the times I've smoked cigarettes(no holier than thou) Something hot about a beezy who smokes....
  11. I'm fine with my new name. The 6 people who still get on here will/do know by now. Funny story about writing these out....lady I used to bang(cougars, cougars, cougars) retired and became a novelist, writing sultry sex stories. She said I should pen my sexual adventures, I just might when I finish my pilot. Third story is a bit lackluster, so I will keep it to myself. To be honest, writing this out has made me want to try and find their number again.....
  12. Fist hit it on the head. I figured it was better to tell it like that, makes for better reading. Trust me, if someone told me the same I'd be skeptic, guess it's different when you were there. I didn't want to go overboard, but I tried to reiterate I couldn't believe it half the time it was happening. So, story #2 Going to present the facts for you guys, and get your opinions on whether this couple was fishing me or not. This was about a year after my cherry popped. My brother and I went on a cruise with his crazy Asian roommate to four stops in Central America. It was March, spring break season, and the majority of the passengers/cruisers were college kids. I still consider myself young, but I was a few years removed from university at this point, older than most on board. Like any cruise ship worth its salt, there was a hot tub village on deck. At some point each day, typically multiple times, I wound up lurking and socializing in said tubs. My second favorite thing about vacation(in-between getting away & out of state women) is meeting people from all over. Each day I would meet someone new, all ages, all races. The openness of true anonymity allows people to act in ways they usually would not. The evening we left Belize, a middle-aged couple from Wisconsin joined me in the only unoccupied tub. Silence. The wife was the first to blink, striking up introductions. She was a teacher, he was an attorney. Husband hardly said anything, for some reason he was wearing dark sunglasses at night, and he never fully got in. Susan(I think?) was a run-of-the-mill white woman in her 40's. Body was average, face average, pussy was probably average. Like a basic Midwesterner, she talked my fucking ear off about nothing of interest to me, yet, I listened on. She seemed to use the emphasis of statements with body movements as a cover to inch closer. Eventually, Susan was so close I could smell the Reader's Digest on her. Husband idled, starting to creep me out tbh. I noticed that neither of them had a ring on, despite claiming to be married for the better part of their adult lives. Susan seemed to be putting on that she was more intoxicated than she was, colliding with me ample times ''by accident''. I was feeling like shit from drinking an entire bottle of rum throughout the day, I had had enough small talk about the school system in a bum fuck state. I bid them goodbye, and as I exited, Susan snatched my Sox cap. Refusing to give it back, I didn't have it in me to wrestle a hat away from a lady my mother's age. Susan informed me that she would give my hat back to me later, she gave me their room number and told me they would be in their room by 7:30pm. Fast forward to that night, I made my way to their room(on the other side of the god damn ship). I suspected they were an open couple/cuckhold, whatever. It seemed just as likely that a woman past her prime, wasted, and in one of the few places she can still be wild may just have been overly flirtatious due to the aforementioned circumstances. I knocked on the door. No answer. I waited that awkward amount of time you wait before you knock twice. I knocked again. I could hear something inside, but nothing intelligible. Finally, the door opened, Susan stood with my hat in hand. Still nothing to write home about, she did look more appealing with clothes instead of a one piece, and a little makeup. Wild West stare down ensued, neither of us mustering up a word. Without provocation, she handed me my fitted. We continued to eyeball each other, I'm usually a SinSei at reading people, but I had no fucking clue what this lady's angle was. I was having second thoughts about saying no, should they ask me, but I also considered the damage I could do if I misread the situation. I still had to be on a boat with these two for days... The risk outweighed the reward, if they put out the bait, I did not bite. Thoughts?
  13. Appreciate that big homie. Life these days is as good as I have ever remembered it. You too, not to get into your biz, but the last thing I remember before going off the grid, you were about to enter rehab of some sort, hopefully that is behind you.
  14. Cunt Eastwood. Glad you enjoyed, my writing has improved since I used to grace the board. Guess we will have to trek on without you then. Great thing about it, it happened whether any of you believe me or not. Trust me, if I'm going to lie, it sure as hell isn't going to be about a cuckhold, something more along the line of Japanese twins. Please, what seems fake about it? A yuppie couple with an open relationship pounced on a young guy and I banged a wife in a condo....missing the unreal part? Young or old, I had never. and have never seen that since. Could be a moniker, I didn't give them my real name, maybe they did the same.
  15. I'll tell each of my occurrences separately. It's like losing your virginity, you never forget your first time. I was rocking my fly ass pea coat, I found myself alone at the bar in my city's finest Irish pub. Two happy hour beers in, I was beginning to wonder where the fuck my brother was. The place was relatively empty, yet, somehow I hadn't noticed the mature couple only a few seats from me. Rebekah was a gorgeous woman, fortysomething with the body of a college girl. Bryan was laid back, affable, and soft spoken. Were they pointing for me to come over? They had to be, so, I made my way over. We made acquaintances. Complimentary of the state of marriage in the modern day, these two had a system of rotation in regards to their open marriage. After small talk, Bryan filled me in on his last adventure, a blonde from the local university. This meant it was Rebekah's turn to stray. My brother never showed(thank god), we chatted for an hour or so, and I was cast off with their number should I decide to take up their offer of Rebekah's flesh at the cost of Bryan's voyeurism. I had had threesomes before, I had even double throated a girl with the homie once, but this was something I was not sure even existed the day prior. I thought it over for about a week, not telling a soul. After true deliberation, I sent the text, I was in, time to test my boundaries. Friday the next week, I showed up to the address I was given. Of course, these two would live in an affluent condo overlooking the city. Bryan met me in the lobby, they were on the 11th floor, the elevator ride was arguably the most awkward minute of my life. I never had second thoughts, but my nerves were about, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. I followed Bryan into their swank unit, decked out in art and pictures they had taken around the globe. The view of the city was amazing. Uncharacteristically nervous in a sexual situation, I waited on the couch, watching the flames of candles flicker. Finally, the bedroom door opened. Rebekah walked out in a red & black kimono, stilettos, and looking like a goddess. I had banged my far share of cougars and housewives b y this point, but for the first time since middle school, a woman had intimidated me. Picking up on my lack of chill, she made me a coke & rum, pouring wine for herself. We sat at their kitchen counter on bar stools, I began to settle down. Her smell alone was keeping me hard, she began rubbing my cock through my pants as we chatted about everything but sex. Revved up, buzzed up, and oblivious to the man sitting over in the corner with his hand down his pants, I was ready to taste Rebekah. We began to kiss, slow and passionate for starters, quickly escalating into trying to suck the tongues out of each others' mouths. She took me by the hand, leading me to the couch, only feet from her husband of fifteen years. You could say I have an affinity for eating pussy, but to this day that was the juiciest twat I had ever muff dived. Reciprocating my oral activity, Rebekah began sucking and working my cock the way only a cougar can. She removed her silk robe, untied her hair, but kept her heels on. She rode me like a mechanic bull, I could hardly keep myself from cumming once she kicked into high gear. We fucked for a good twenty minutes before I realized what was happening. The surrealism of the moment hit me all at once. What was I doing? How did I get here? Is this guy really stroking off to his woman fucking a man half his age? I tuned back in, Rebekah's 36D's in my face, any reservation that had just crept in quickly evaporated. I turned her doggy style, facing towards Bryan. If his presence is what it took to lay a goddess like Rebekah, why not give him a show? You can surmise the rest, but I banged her out until my dick hurt and everyone had gotten off in their own freakish way. I saw them once more, giving Rebekah a full body massage before putting on a show. Have only heard from this once since, and that was over a year ago. But it is something I'll never forget or regret. Pussy was that bum.
  16. So.... Before I tell my story, I thought this might make a great thread, or a disaster(still good for the ounce). Have any of you ever been approached/asked by someone to fuck their girlfriend/wife? Obviously I had seen scenarios in porn, but what can't you find in that realm? My first occurence happened my senior yer of college, bout three years ago. Since then I have had an incident about once a year. If this has never happened to you, would you? While dudeman watched? Looking forward to what you creatures have to share....
  17. Nothing tops Keepitrail, that thread will inspire me for the rest of my life. There were some legendary arguments and insults. Too many threads, yet can't specify many. This place was my getaway for so many years.
  18. No, but I do truly believe in the sentiment. Tpbm has seen a ghost and an alien
  19. Nahhhhhh Then again I'm only half the swine I used to be. Ain't that hard up right now though. Trash Hot Topic employee of the month.
  20. Fighting a coffee buzz that could kill an elephant. About to wack off before work.
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