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  1. Canadian G, even if he was a cheerleader in college.
  2. Paint is best when purchased from companies making the paint for your application. If you live like you paint, and are a crust of day old pizza use hardware store shit like me. If you've got style and like having your shit come off crisp, forget about the fancy paint and concentrate on your letters. Nothing worse than a bubble gum pink toxic ooze green and Barney purple toy assed happy graff. Experiment with better paint and applicable caps with tags, develops them and learn the art of flairs. Groom yourself as a bomber first, graffiti guy second. Bombers don't even have to be graffiti guys and I still look and respect there shit in full and never giving an actual glance at colourful, overly clean for the level of letter skill, soft assed under a bridge in the middle of a forest irrelevant burners. If I could give one piece of advice to a young writer, that I can tell by means of assessing other elements of his make up and is in turn worthy of such invaluable guidance, I'd say do grimes graffiti, and do it with an attitude that best suits your character. But even if your a chill kid from the burbs, start with raw shit, and develop other traits as suited to what your initial interests in the culture that drew you in. But always, always, always put raw, real, letters over all else no matter how jaded you may be in this prepackaged global FONT we call graffiti.
  3. Pm me, I'll steer you in the right direction. Promise
  4. Alcohol is bad, alcohol generates horrible decision making and shitty physical distress after its effects causing punches to the face, car accidents, clamitia via questionable sexual partners and impaired protection values. Smoke pot.
  5. You should have your children removed from all care under your supervision immediately. Teaching such atrocious words to such fragile developing minds creates a problem the poor kid had no idea she was developing. You are essentially injecting heroin into her arm. It's called graffiti.
  6. I always go for drivers side, but on a more direct note for your life I'd start with the windshield, move to the interior, and once that has been irreversably damaged I'd take your plates, put them on an identical make/model match and call in a hit n run. Hope this clears up any confusion, if not, tie noose and apply directly around neck. Stand on vehicle roof, under appropriate structure will support your body weight and jump for solid ground. Wear only the shoes you would put on before church, if you do not go to church wear attire you'd like to be shown in for the greatest selfie you will ever take. As well as the greatest gram onlookers could have the most amount of followers with.
  7. Eh captain, hope all is well. Congrats on the forthcoming angle, sent an email seeing about getting an old locked out account deactivated. I'll be contributing when I can regardless now that I've opened the forum back up but would be ill to get my old numbers n name back if it's at all possible. And ya, definatly curious about this new format I'm reading about. Good to see you back on your grind, the Graffiti world owes you more than maybe any other subsidery platform. Peace
  8. Moogle has pants the size of chopsticks, he cannot be trusted with such opinions. Tell the others quickly, before he infects your hetero.
  9. Prostitution addiction, is it real. The answer, quite simply is yes. The answer quite simply is yes. The results quite simply, are destructive. I've made numerous loud, shameless endorsements at of such behaviour in Bali Germany fashion over the years on here but I have come back to discuss the dangers. Erectile dysfunction caused by substance abuse. The partaking of lewd sexual behaviour that may have adverse effects on any sort of normality within the sexual relations within a committed relationship. The lowering of oneself to the kind of pathetic act of paying someone to screw you. The ever constant reawakening of being a card carrying member of society's lower end of community wellbeing. Guilt of all mentioned as well as countless examples made reality in partaking in such behaviour. The risk of having law enforcement discipline handed down for something any good girlfriend would be more than happy to provide with someone they respect and care about. Spending dollars otherwise used on anything else productively imaginable weather you've got play paper or not. Disease. Affiliation with potentially life effecting individuals that have links with other potentially life effecting individuals looking for weekend warrior, outside characters already being untracked when meeting with said individuals of such professions, making them easier targets for vulnerable targets of life effecting crimes. The pros, limited at best. Hookers are like crack hoots, your chasin a fantasy br0.
  10. Currently wired in a suburban Vancouver doughnut shop, three tables over from a table of cops. Actually just struck up a quick convo asking wether or not the rcmp requires any kind of university degree aside from the training they go through in becoming an officer. I always got the feeling the Canadian cops are a little more groomed than many of the American policing I've either come across or seen recruitment advertising for. I was actually incorrect. Turns out they don't need any prerequisit diploma for application.
  11. Greatest moments in CityonSMASH history... - Picking a fight with the internet, then becoming the internet.
  12. Currently creeping people out at an all night doughnut shop. Dexedrine made me do it, doctors orders.
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