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  1. SHUVEL2


    hey is there a sticker trade thread or does anyone in her want to ekshange stickers please
  2. SHUVEL2

    the NEW sketch thread

    1586 im coming back tomorrow to see the rest of the posts until i get to page one
  3. SHUVEL2

    the NEW sketch thread

    hey is your name trent becuase one of my friends used to write zone
  4. SHUVEL2

    The Street Sticker Thread

    aye brickos where you from it looks like cultere aint dead there
  5. SHUVEL2

    The Skateboard Thread

    I just had a skateboard but I just broke it. it was a darkstar board.. I was skating the fuck out of it till it nearly broke my leg so I used my fucked up leg and smashed the bitch.
  6. SHUVEL2

    gun thread

    i am trying to get a handheld gun to shoot at PEOPLE naw jk but I am trying to get 1
  7. SHUVEL2

    the NEW sketch thread

    man I really like this art thread there is a lot of talented artists I always wanted to be a digital artists spraypainting has always been a hobby thou:joycat:
  8. SHUVEL2


    for some reason all your post is telling me is to right sixsixsix on some walls and eat some people to get it
  9. SHUVEL2


    on the smoke meth thing I feel you that seems to get it done like ive never smoked meth but I have token Adderall and when I want something I just sit there and use the retarded kid look until I'm done doing what I gotta do to get it so peace up
  10. well it is really just a website but all you have to do is click to put pictures and music and stuff and all that so anyone with me it is on wix.com also if anyone has any tips on manifestation like tricks you have used in the past when you wanted something and have got it without fail please tell meh
  11. SHUVEL2

    The Hip Hop Thread

    i listen to a lot of atmosphere with ant and slug ant as the dj and slug as the rapper and there is this girl jade that I listen to also I usually listen to nxrthnxrthphvnk on the youtube channels though I never get tired of this music