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  1. yot

    who are you writing for....

    I write for the buff boy you hoebags
  2. yot

    Crews in La

    DOH "Dank Over Hoes" ODF????
  3. yot

    The Reggae Thread

    Stick Figure-Legalize it (medley) Michigan and Smiley - Sugar Daddy
  4. yot

    Post dope SoundCloud links?

    i imagined it would be interesting to get a SoundCloud thread going. Hopefully it's kool. Here is my buddy's. he is trying really hard to get more recognition. SoundCloud.com/nsain Take care -yots
  5. yot

    Chico, ca

    Looking for someone to possibly paint with or some shit. Pm me
  6. yot


    What happened to ODF