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Everything posted by Utah_Bench

  1. Hey everyone just letting you know I'm still around just busy with life. I hope I can shoot more over the summer but that is yet to be seen. Visited a car repair facility near me but, there was very little to be shot. Here's what I did get and I hope to be able to post more soon...
  2. Some killer flicks enteruncreativename
  3. Been busy but hopefully I can post more in the next week or so, got these flicks a couple of weeks ago...
  4. Sent a couple of F-16s home with 12oz stickers...
  5. Simple but I'm always impressed by a full car paint job.
  6. Thanks I'll not ask that question again and I understand the reasoning behind the rule.
  7. Is this writer a chick? I see her/his work roll though here all the time.
  8. Ha ha the one with the dude saying "what funky letters" is funny.
  9. I like the older one with JEPA and BARF on it and NOSEY is...different.
  10. I can get video but I just don't see the advantages of video verses still photos except to show the train and art in motion?
  11. Thanks theprotester I think it's a good start also.
  12. Hope everyone had a nice New Years and here's my first post of 2018. I got some good art, a very old and very cool looking house, and was watched by local wildlife.
  13. Hope everyone has a save and Happy New Year, I'll start a new 2018 thread tomorrow but here's a few to end 2017 with...
  14. Is that the word "Rapest" scrolled across that first image?
  15. Would you call this one a pubic service announcement?
  16. I’m home now and had a nice white Christmas, I will be back posting soon.
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