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  1. stream26

    Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

    I like the BB King (42/44mm?) Dive watch, and the Classic Fusions http://jonsguide.org/best-top-hublot-classic-fusion-watches-reviews/ are very appealing – and from what I’ve seen written elsewhere, customer service is second to none. There’s even a suggestion that Mr Biver would (may still do) even reply to emails over the weekend, if you’d contacted him with an issue. If true, then it’s no wonder the company became as widely renowned over the past decade – they must’ve being doing something right. Be your own man, walk your own path, and don’t let others dissuade you from doing so.
  2. stream26


    As far as a running shoe, training shoe, or casual shoe Nike trainers 5.0 is my favorite http://jonsguide.org/best-top-nike-free-trainer-5-0-reviews/ Trainers are made of breathable mesh material. I find that it makes them much cooler than all leather. Plus, they dry much faster if caught in the rain or when u get soaked on water rides.
  3. stream26

    what are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

    I am wearing blue jeans, a southpole printed hoodie, a round neck inside, and a hanes round neck shirt. Its damn cold right now.
  4. stream26

    What's in your pockets?

    phone, lighter , that's all another in bag
  5. stream26

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    The Hungover Games (parody mashup of The Hangover and The Hunger Games)
  6. stream26

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    Anna Kendrick "We Eat Our Own. Tad Williams"Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn"
  7. stream26

    6/4 Tattoo appt - looking for a reference

    Personally for me graffity tattoo not deep.all my tats tell a story about me and my life, and if that means that I get a any tattoo that has a meaning other than what it stands for for me, that's ok. its my canvas and I love it. and I hope you all feel that way about yours. diferent cultures and styles is what makes us so different and makes the world so great!!!