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Everything posted by NASTY721

  1. Is that supposed to be a fox? Or.....lmfao !
  2. That stormtrooper riding the pink elephant takes the fuckin cake lmfao :tearsofjoy:
  3. lol seriously are you writing a book?
  4. lmao did you get those out of a bubble gum machine? Cute :P
  5. This should be called the culture-vulture thread since 99.9% of the people posting are lame fags who know nothing about graffiti.Hipster faggots.
  6. In a graffiti forum forum fag,go blow some more dudes homo
  7. This shit you constantly post is street art garbage,not graffiti,shouldnt even be on a graffiti forum.Belongs on some culuture-vulture street art faggot page.
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