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  1. Probably going to leave more questions than answers in typical Lynch fashion but bring it on anyway!
  2. A friend of mine brought his phone to a cemetery to watch a movie. He's actually a pretty big dude so he wasn't freaked out or anything, even though the cemetery was way off the beaten path. But at one point, he looked up from his phone and across the cemetery he noticed a person watching him. Then the person ducked behind a tree. This cemetery was miles from the city. He tells me he just went back to watching his movie and nothing happened but it totally freaks me out. That photo reminded me of his story for some reason. Random.
  3. After finding the photo of that lowrider van, I started thinking back to the Pomona car show and all the lowriders my dad and I saw there - as if it was any surprise, suspension seems to be one of the most common customizations in Los Angeles. I just can't believe the neon lights and blacklights people install beneath their rides didn't make the list - I see those going up and down Sunset and Hollywood constantly on the weekend.
  4. This image might have been shared here before, if so, sorry! I just saw one of these this morning (though obviously in much better condition) and couldn't even figure out how it would get around LA. I've seen normal cars have trouble with steep hills - this thing would have no chance!
  5. Yeah, I think we're moving toward full federal legalization too. It's gone so far in that direction, I'm not sure it could be reversed. There's just too much cash on the table!
  6. My car has no mods, but I live in SoCal so I see some pretty dynamic customizations. I actually wouldn't mind having some mods done to my Scion xA like some of these cars from the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon LOL
  7. Not my art, but I really like the work of Seth Styles:
  8. I love these photos - I had a friend that was into urban exploration when I lived in Florida and she took me to an abandoned movie theater in Gainesville where the roof had caved in. I wish I could find the photos. One of the guys we went with found a life-sized plastic skeleton in the projector room. Beneath the curtain of the screen, there was a newspaper clipping torn off that just read "You Are Not Alone." It was like being in a horror movie.
  9. I'm all for legalization of marijuana. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's common sense given that those speaking against the legalization are using tired responses that are basically conjecture or eating their own tails with the whole "not enough research" > "Schedule 1 research ban" BS. What I find interesting is the cultural shift towards accepting and incorporating weed into daily life. I even read that some businesses are letting their employees step out for weed breaks. I can get behind that!
  10. "the first animals to survive the vacuum of space." And then I scrolled down to find a bug wearing a spacesuit.
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