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  1. Hi there, Our names are Patrick and Kasper. We are two NYU journalism grad students from Rhode Island and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and we're currently shooting a short documentary on graffiti/street art in NYC. We have already conducted some interviews and shot some work in Bushwick, but we're still looking for more NYC based graffiti writers / street artists who want to talk with us about their work, recent developments in the scene and the commercial value of graffiti. We're specifically looking for someone we can shoot while he or she is painting. Also in case someone does not want to be shot recognizably that still would be of great value to us. We are a bit on a tight schedule, with today and tomorrow (Wednesday 20 Jan) being the last days we will shoot. In case we can get someone on camera while working, this could perhaps be done on Thursday as well, but preferably we'll have all the work done before then. We work as freelance journalists, so we will try to sell the piece once it is done. You can reach me (Kasper) on 929-373 9172 or kvl235@nyu.edu. Hope to hear from you! All the best, Pat & Kasper