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  1. Each section (Brickslayers/Channel Zero, etc) should have 12 Active/hot threads and once a new one pops up the 13th moves to a a B/secondary section. TBH there haven't been more than a dozen hot/active threads in the past few years, this will keep things fresh and IMO will generate an underlying competition to keep pertinent threads active on the primary section. We all have our favorites (sex stories/Keepitrail's travel thread) that if we/I saw drop off the top I'd be subconsciously more inclined to pop it back to the forefront.
  2. Fedor is the greatest MMA fighter ever. Don't even hit me with that he didn't fight in the UFC shit. Dude had Randy Couture shook when he was the baddest man in the UFC. Beat several former or future UFC champs and beat them to pieces. I do wish he would have stayed retired though, it was tough watching him get gobbled the last couple fights. The man actually fought every, single, time. Like a true champ he never tried to take it to the card.
  3. False. It's my second favorite holiday after Halloween. I love time with the fam. TPBM has never had a threesome
  4. Knives Out: 4/5 I typically love who-done-its, but this one was particularly well done. The cast did a superb job, Craig is awesome, and the main actress is as talented as she is beautiful. Halfway through I was prematurely bothered by what I though they were doing with it, only to be pleasantly surprised when it came full circle. I'm usually pretty good at sniffing out endings, but I was confused until the big reveal. Beautifully shot on top of it all. Presentation was also superlative. Plenty of humor but it never felt goofy. Michael Shannon is as underrated as any actor ever. Would definitely suggest. ===================================================================================== The Irishman: 4/5 Long...I know, but other than a drag here or there, it never gets boring. Although the last 15 could have been trimmed down to 5 mins or so, I get what MS was trying to say. De Niro is definitely the weak spot, he looked every bit his age and the aforementioned stomp scene literally made me laugh out loud. Pesci plays his role perfectly and it was cool to see him as a more subdued, calculated gangster than a gun-slinging maniac. Pacino fucking stole the movie, honestly I would have preferred him as the main character. Best Hoffa performance I have ever seen. ''This, is, my, union'' almost brought me to tears. It could have been done as masterfully in 3 or less, but let's be real, MS only has a film or two left in him. Go see this in theaters or you'll regret it if you're a cinephile.
  5. I'm disgruntled(mostly) out of envy, but fuck celebrities and what they have to say. While I'm sure(someone has to be real right?) some are genuine and authentic, I just can't get past my mental blockade that it's a crock of shit to look like a 'good guy'. It seems born out of convenience. It's realllllly easy to be passionate about people you no longer have to directly interact with or live like. It's really easy to address issues that won't cause you to change at all. There are things like racism/all the other isms that are never acceptable and unfortunately are usually indoctrinated into people and they can be hard to shake without real effort. Not to mention it's easy to say a bunch of shit, and starting a dialogue is the start of fixing almost any if not every problem, but what is the follow up? Does any participation follow? Does any out of pocket, non-tax credit money follow? Words can be powerful, and they can be hollow. Actions will always speak louder than vapid acceptance speeches. That being said, look at all these white cunts calling out white privilege, AFTER they made it. I don't see any aspiring actors/actresses/etc calling it out, it's only the ones who have made their millions and cemented their place in show biz. I don't see them giving all their shit/fame back, sure they might make a donation here or there or put someone on, but if all the whinny bitches calling it out gave their shit up, we'd have equality tomorrow. Look at Lebron James. Calls out issues in America(as he should, they are legit issues), then turns right around and throws Hong Kong(who is facing ubiquitous state oppression) in the fire because it will cost him and his buddies millions & billions. Look at Collin Kaepernick(don't even care to look up his corny ass honky name). Dude was raised by adopted white parents in a suburb, always kept his hair buzzed and never said shit about BLM......then Jim gets fired, the 49ers turn into a pumpkin, he gets benched for a fucking nobody, and now all of a sudden he grows out his fro, takes a knee and he's MLK on the football field. The issue he raised is very pertinent and was being slept on by way too many people because it didn't affect them, but get the fuck out of my face with this SJW bullshit. Dude knew he would get paid one way or another. People like Bob Dylan, Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders(chained to black people before it was cool) I can take seriously. But some fucking clown who makes a living from comedy/satire? Nah. I'll pass.
  6. I'm going to write a book on my sexcapades one day, but I will litter this thread with a few bits. This is my most recent. So over the summer a nineteen year old Indian-American girl reached out to me on a fetish dating site. My first read was skepticism, but I entertained it out of curiosity. We corresponded and eventually decided to meet. As with most women, I allowed her to set the time & place to feel at ease. The day rolls around, and low and behold, she can't. No big deal, we'll reschedule. We do.....and same thing happens but this time I arrived to the destination and waited before she informed me she couldn't make it. I give everyone a mulligan, but I don't strike out either and I'm not hard up for it. Instead of going off on her, I simply delete her number and keep it moving. Earlier in the year I had met a college student from a university about an hour away from me on Tinder. Crazy thing is, she was at least 10 miles outside of my maximum range, yet somehow we had connected. K is a gorgeous Arab girl from a smaller country in the Middle East, who happens to be bisexual. We eventually met in person, hit it off, and she would become my number one over the course of the year. Due to distance and the general busyness of life, we are only able to see each other a day or two a week and agreed to have a sincere but open relationship as long as we are both truthful about others. A few months back, I get a text from a random number saying it's P, the Indian-American girl. My initial reaction was apathy. I forgive but I don't forget and I wanted to teach her a lesson about ghosting people. I agree to meet with her, but she lives thirty minutes away, so I told her to come to me. Thing is, I was cozy at a coffee shop and had no intention of being at HQ when she arrived. An hour goes by, and she finally shoots me a text that she is at my house. I continue to write and throw back coffee, ignoring her texts. The messages finally dry up, and a considerable amount of time has passed, so I head home. When I arrive, an unfamiliar Lexus SUV is parked right out front with the engine running. Inside, I notice a gorgeous girl....who happens to be P. I thought about it for all of sixty seconds, finally inviting her in. We made small talk, and before I know it our clothes are nowhere to be found and we're getting busy. Afterwards we pick up conversation, allowing our heartbeats to deescalate and our breathing to return to normal. I start to pick details about her, and come to find out she goes to the same university as K. I marvel out loud how crazy the odds are, exclaiming that said university has been good to me. P presses me to explain, which I do in redacted detail.......come to find out that not only does she know K, but she is also bisexual and had matched with K but they never pursued meeting up. To skip frivolous details, I played matchmaker and convinced K to meet P. They would go on to have their own thing, I wouldn't seen P again, but K and I would and still do see each other. So a few weeks ago, K in forms me that she had seen P and that I had come up in conversation. Turns out P wanted another round with ya boy, but K insisted she wanted to be there as well. Last week I made my way down to K's, she and I had some one on one(non-sexual) time, drank wine and eagerly awaited that knock at the door. Two glasses in, it came, and in came P. We waited as long as we could(thirty mins maybe) before heading upstairs to have the hottest threesome of my life to date. In the words of P, ''I have never seen anyone cum like that''.
  7. Anyone advocating for the government to to limit/control what anyone is allowed to say, either has 'their' people in power, has reached an isolated status within the system, or has never read a fucking history book. To be fair, I did not, and will not be watching said speech. Celebrities are allowed an opinion, same as anyone else. Their platform & voice can be powerful and relay messages the oppressed cannot, but the overwhelming majority of the time it's a bunch of self-serving bullshit to look good to the masses. Pretty ironic coming from a guy who made his fortune off of trolling and being offensive.
  8. If you wouldn't hit that your dick is definitely 5'' or less or you're the type of dude who wouldn't choke a woman even if she begged for it. $$ & fame or not, I'm going in without a rubber.
  9. Any brown woman 5 and above is getting my cock in and around her mouth(and every other hole) For real though, I love fucking 6s even though I can pull 7-8, they appreciate it more and are 9/10 times less cunty.
  10. If I follow through, I will gladly take you up on that offer. My SF homie's uncle lives up that way and he goes once a year. It sounds rad as fuck. I will be documenting the trip as best as I can without incriminating myself too much. I'm not one to yap a lot about what I'm GOING to do, but this trip has given me confidence and emboldened me. What was the defining moment of your decision? I imagine movie-moment type realizations or happenings, but sometimes it's just a flat ''I need to do this''.
  11. Thanks for sharing. It's powerful that someone living the life everyone seems to want to live can be so blunt and honest. My whole life, I was always the sore thumb. Rebellion is in everyone's' mind, but very few carry it in their heart. I never had dreams of fat stacks, household name cars, and boats the size of a ski resort. My ambitions have always been centered around stories, experiences, adventure, and finding out what's inside of me. Like everyone else, I went to college, graduated, got an office job making more money than my parents, and I was completely miserable. Luckily I caked up, pocketed 10k in 6 months, and quit unromantically on a rainy Thursday morning. For about a year I just drifted, I had a small apartment, girlfriend, and made my money stretch by frugal living and the occasional side job. Eventually, the money ran out and I was forced back into the workforce. Through sweat, blood, and being a leader, not a boss, I climbed the ranks of management at a fortune-50. I did that for the last two years. I had everything most people seemed to want. Girlfriend who would marry me and have my kids, health insurance, 401k, comfortable salary... Not a bad life at all, yet, most days I still felt lost, bored, and unfulfilled. I put in my two weeks in November, and left Dec.1. I renovated a kitchen with a buddy, saved every dime, and left for Mexico City with the girly. I've been here for a month and plan on living here until I can't afford a taco. Ever since I left my job, I have been happier than I've ever been and for the first time in years I feel like I'm living, not just alive. I know the life I'm living is an anomaly, but I'm going to ride this wave until it crashes into the shore, or drags me out to sea. While I've been down here, I reread KeepItRail's thread in one night, and god damn, if it didn't motivate me to do everything in my power to never return to a paper mache life. No one knows what the future holds, but my plan as of now is to return to the States in a few months, and go on a road trip around the country throughout the summer. One of my buddies is a vagabond who has been homeless on & off the last few years, and my best friend from childhood is currently trying out for the Special Forces, but he is on his last chance. I'm hoping I can recruit one, or both of them to roll with me, but if not, I will go solo. I am in no way going to attempt to recreate KIR's epic journey, but my version of an unadulterated, unfabricated journey around the country. Not sure I could ever live on a mountain, or fully outside of society, but I want to spend the rest of my 20s traveling around the world. Regardless, I'll be damned if I ever just accept a prosaic 9-5 life without fighting for an alternative.
  12. Fist, could you hook me up with that? I have been on IG once in my life, but I will figure it out to keepitrail
  13. ''Dodging cases & girls with braces'' ''Talking that murder shit and you couldn't kill time''
  14. Fuck this guy. I know people to a much lesser extent in similar ''spoiled in family wealth'' situations and they ALWAYS wind up being druggie losers. One of my best friends OD'd and died on fucking H, upper-middle class version of this guy. Kid could have gone anywhere, any university, done basically anything. Instead he's dead at 26. It's so selfish it almost overcomes the poignancy of it.
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