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  1. If I follow through, I will gladly take you up on that offer. My SF homie's uncle lives up that way and he goes once a year. It sounds rad as fuck. I will be documenting the trip as best as I can without incriminating myself too much. I'm not one to yap a lot about what I'm GOING to do, but this trip has given me confidence and emboldened me. What was the defining moment of your decision? I imagine movie-moment type realizations or happenings, but sometimes it's just a flat ''I need to do this''.
  2. Thanks for sharing. It's powerful that someone living the life everyone seems to want to live can be so blunt and honest. My whole life, I was always the sore thumb. Rebellion is in everyone's' mind, but very few carry it in their heart. I never had dreams of fat stacks, household name cars, and boats the size of a ski resort. My ambitions have always been centered around stories, experiences, adventure, and finding out what's inside of me. Like everyone else, I went to college, graduated, got an office job making more money than my parents, and I was completely miserable. Luckily I caked up, pocketed 10k in 6 months, and quit unromantically on a rainy Thursday morning. For about a year I just drifted, I had a small apartment, girlfriend, and made my money stretch by frugal living and the occasional side job. Eventually, the money ran out and I was forced back into the workforce. Through sweat, blood, and being a leader, not a boss, I climbed the ranks of management at a fortune-50. I did that for the last two years. I had everything most people seemed to want. Girlfriend who would marry me and have my kids, health insurance, 401k, comfortable salary... Not a bad life at all, yet, most days I still felt lost, bored, and unfulfilled. I put in my two weeks in November, and left Dec.1. I renovated a kitchen with a buddy, saved every dime, and left for Mexico City with the girly. I've been here for a month and plan on living here until I can't afford a taco. Ever since I left my job, I have been happier than I've ever been and for the first time in years I feel like I'm living, not just alive. I know the life I'm living is an anomaly, but I'm going to ride this wave until it crashes into the shore, or drags me out to sea. While I've been down here, I reread KeepItRail's thread in one night, and god damn, if it didn't motivate me to do everything in my power to never return to a paper mache life. No one knows what the future holds, but my plan as of now is to return to the States in a few months, and go on a road trip around the country throughout the summer. One of my buddies is a vagabond who has been homeless on & off the last few years, and my best friend from childhood is currently trying out for the Special Forces, but he is on his last chance. I'm hoping I can recruit one, or both of them to roll with me, but if not, I will go solo. I am in no way going to attempt to recreate KIR's epic journey, but my version of an unadulterated, unfabricated journey around the country. Not sure I could ever live on a mountain, or fully outside of society, but I want to spend the rest of my 20s traveling around the world. Regardless, I'll be damned if I ever just accept a prosaic 9-5 life without fighting for an alternative.
  3. Fist, could you hook me up with that? I have been on IG once in my life, but I will figure it out to keepitrail
  4. ''Dodging cases & girls with braces'' ''Talking that murder shit and you couldn't kill time''
  5. Fuck this guy. I know people to a much lesser extent in similar ''spoiled in family wealth'' situations and they ALWAYS wind up being druggie losers. One of my best friends OD'd and died on fucking H, upper-middle class version of this guy. Kid could have gone anywhere, any university, done basically anything. Instead he's dead at 26. It's so selfish it almost overcomes the poignancy of it.
  6. Man made god, not the other way around.
  7. When was the last time anyone heard from KIR? Just reread this entire thread, Jesus Christ, even better the second time around.
  8. How the fuck did that Benz play bumper cars in NYC and not get chased down by someone more dangerous than a pissed NYPD cop?
  9. Currently living in Mexico City. Not even a week after I get back, first bachelor party in Denver. Holy fuck my friends are making me feel older than I want to.
  10. Cunt_Eastwood back up in this bitch. Can anyone help me retrieve my old moniker?
  11. Certainly one of the most complex issues in America. I try to be even-keeled, but everyone has their biases due to their demographic. I'm fairly anti-police, but whenever someone raises a gun(real or fake) at a cop, how can you fucking blame them for shooting? Don't matter if the person is 12 if they have a weapon, they would be smoked all the same. Thank god(that doesn't exist) they are charging that Tulsa cop with manslaughter, although it should be second degree murder. Now will the charges stick? I wouldn't put a dollar down on it. It is time that every single cop in America is required, by law, to wear a body cam. They must release the footage in every shooting, to the family at least. The high profile cases over the past year have been a mixed bag, for every justified(in my mind) shooting, there is one that is just straight up state murder. There are hundreds of components to this problem, but the two biggest issues are the gun culture & prevalence of guns among the American public, and the type of people filling police department ranks. It's a tough job, for little pay, that no one worth a fuck wants. The people who would make ideal police officers are too smart( by their metric and police standards) to sign up. Symbols is correct about the type of recruit departments want. I could write a fucking book, but my point is, this is a major issue for EVERYONE in the states, it's not going away, and it's just getting worse. The police killed an estimated 990 people last year, and only 25% were black. Regardless of your paint job, police violence and potential for guerilla war in the streets should concern you.
  12. I don't care enough to play fantasy. I do miss the pick'em league though. Anyone up/down for it?
  13. I didn't read most of the shit in this thread, but I will co-sign that foreign women are MUCH better than American women. Foreign women are better looking, fearless, and not about some bullshit. From Bulgarians, to Hondurans, I always have a better time fucking non-American women. American bitches need to come down off Mt. Olympus, but thirsty ass men are just as much at fault. No shame in paying for sex either, although I never have, unless you count taking a girl to dinner before you beat cheeks as paying for sex.
  14. Ray Velcoro


    I'm off weed for about three months now after a five year stint, (other than a gram somewhere there in the middle) During my college 'career' and subsequent years, I drank like a Russian. In the last year or so I have greatly reduced my amount of drinking for all the typical reasons. Saturday night is a blast, then I want to die Sunday. I don't know whether I can say I am dependent upon marijuana because I quit cold turkey, and stay off it for long durations of time. But, I think about it, crave it, and have to fight myself(literally) to not smoke at times. Not one to use others as a barometer, but most of my friends have a real problem with it. If you can't go a week without something that is not food, oxygen, water or sleep, then yeah, you have an issue hombre. I hope everyone is holding strong, substances are fire, our best friends, and worst enemies.
  15. False, I don't sing Rihanna, but even if I did I don't give a fuck about what other people would think about me singing Celine Dion. TPBM has made a short film before
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