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  1. fuck the petty shit right now guys. my condolences to family and friends of blur.
  2. Just went through all the new posts. goddamn your the shit!! so much good stuff in there. cant tell ya how stoked i am on your posts.Keep doin ya thing boss
  3. Nobody outside of Detroit knows who WAH crew are? is that based on a nationwide graffiti poll?? Detroit is a graffiti destination. Writers from all over the world have traveled here to paint and take pictures. Seeing as how WAH crew is one of the most up crews in the city, i find it impossible to believe that writers came to this city and didn't immediately become familiar with WAH. One main difference is WAH hasnt created multiple fan pages dedicated to reposting and reposting chill spots they've painted., WAH has chosen to leave their work to the streets and doesn't try to force their photos down everyone's throats , that doesnt mean real writers aren't familiar. It just means instagramers might not be.
  4. damnn young sway got em out here trying to make it look like he aint really doing what hes actually doin. here go the whole wall, thats a floater roadside no place to hide in 2016 when you know them boys throwing F's, never met the dude but I felt i had to post the whole shot when I saw him clipped out on that one. playa play on.
  5. Killin it. Thanks for keepin this thread alive. ^^
  6. great posts, thanks so much, hope this becomes a regular thing, i could really get used to this.
  7. its still early. But this year could be the YEAR OF THE JLAW triple triple og mr. no style is style fuck your style.
  8. From Autoracks Forum (Metalheads) 2016
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