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  1. Are Anonymous even relevant anymore? Serious question.
  2. Donald Chump


    Jeeeeeeeeeezuz!! Dude, kill that thing before it kills you. And it will do so, either with frustration as you try to revive it or by breaking as it soon as it hits the first piece of gravel. My fucking knee hurts. Hit ice as I was cornering last week. Hurts more now than when I did it. Sitting on just over 3000km for this year so far. Will do some 24 endurance races later this year and early next.
  3. Bangin, dig the Chinese mountains in the last one.
  4. That's the gal. She was a right fox too, if I recall correct.
  5. lol, I was doing something today completely unrelated and CityOnSmash and his "captain-save-and-then-try-and-screw-a-crack-whore" popped in to my mind. Dude was out there. What was the chick's name that had the pugs? I think she hung out with Milk Grenades,
  6. lol, yeah, recall the VAJ and POZ piss drinking pic now!! Adam's block was petty awesome. Glicks banning cats for hating on some rapper, neckface punchings and Swampfight licking some pornstar's arse, etc. Some the arguments with AngelOfDeath in crossfire went on for fucking pages as well, dude was extreme.
  7. IT makes me feel like a big man. You better give me some money!
  8. The problem with being a populist like Trump is that when you get into power the expectations of the people who put you there outweigh your abilities to satisfy them. There will be no wall built and Mexico won't pay for shit. There will be no barring of Muslim immigrants and there will be no roll-back of the US alliance system. And that's just for starters. The worrying thing is what Trump might do, if he gets a first term, to get a second term. That's when people with low standards get tempted to concoct crises that they can use as a distraction from their failures.
  9. Are Mexican voters talking about what Trump said or do they not care?
  10. booheadzoohead, forgot about that chic. There was also that chic, or bloke being a chic or whatever the hell it was from Africa. I actually spoke to her on the phone, sounded like a chic but a dang stupid one. Can't recall what she called herself, anyone remember?
  11. Drawball was definitely cool. The Dao pic thread and the dog/whale arguments were a classic as was Amber Lamps. I often wonder what folk like Shai, Twinky, Casek and so on are doing with themselves these days. I've met a few folk off the 12 over the years and it was always a good experience.
  12. Shit. Either DAO came across much smarter than I realised or I need to up my game! Last person I ever thought I'd be mistaken for. *heads off to skinny jeans shop so as to never have anyone make that mistake again Fucking DAO??!
  13. I really don't think Bernie hanging in there will damage Hillary in terms of the battle against Trump. McCain got a big bump on Obama when he became the presumptive Rep nom and people were freaking because Barry was still battling it out and they were saying "Hillary needs to drop out because this is damaging Barry". Once Hillary finally dropped Barry's ratings peaked and he went on to win against some one who united the reps more than Donny does. Hillary and Trump are so far apart, they aren't fighting over the middle, they're fighting to mobilise people against their respective opposing candidates.
  14. Seafood crutches 2016, the year of Chump.
  15. Still my fav comic and fav style
  16. Awesome album. Poison live at BDO was a rush. That is all.
  17. YEah, I go to the Museum of democracy about once a year to check out their exhibition of political cartoons but that's more so for the content than the art.
  18. Well, at least that's a step in the right direction as I'd prefer Trump over Cruz. But then again, I'd prefer Hillary, Sanders, Rubio, Tubgirl or Charles Manson over Trump, so it's not saying much.
  19. Wish I could sketch like that.
  20. Yep, this is going to be an election to remember - old practices and measures will go out the window because Trump will change the game, to a pretty large degree (likely not in a positive way either). Whilst I don't underestimate Trump one bit I still reckon Hillary will win because people will mobilise against Trump.
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