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  1. I reckon I'm too shit for trax but i can't go back uni now anyway now haha
  2. I Can't deny that son but ma chick so tight mang
  3. Dodge life hack:use staple remover to help put key on key chain Hates:city rail debt interest, getting to a spot and youre there less than ten minutes before it gets redhot ,all music that comes out today, not having beef Jerky Finishing my beef jerky
  4. I'd rather give money to a hooker
  5. Can you buff acid etch on metal?
  6. Cheers bro i appreccuate that,got those replies after I did the Sketches, I should have another wall done tomorrow ill post it
  7. I decided I'd use buff paint and exports till I got better,6 years later still using exports
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