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  1. Funny how i threw you a compliment on how it was nice to see you on some new spots then you start throwing king in front of literally every tag you did right after that. Guess thats all it takes to boost your fragile ego. Bet anything it can be destroyed just as easily. Now go get high before my words rile you up too bad. 3 times youve gotten disrespectful with me now without me even saying shit to you. Withdrawals are a bitch arent they, keyboard thuggin must ease the wound for the time being.
  2. Thanks but id rather not take my history lessons from a disgruntled junkie who slaps J's on top of work that requires 10 times the skill of any of the work you've put in. You got spots, dont get me wrong. But I can see why youre defending a toy that does the same type of shit. He capped Army too if youve been paying attention to anything going on. Probably just obsessing over who you can bitch and whine and give lectures to next. To end this off i just wanna let you know that i obviously know a lot more about you than you do me. Tread lightly, "king".
  3. Or vase whatever the hell your scribble scrabble says. Keep that bullshit in new york and stop dissing our legends. Youre for real in deep shit with all the wrong people, pal.
  4. And it was good to see some new JASP tags up today. Seems like that dude will always be a household name in one way or another
  5. Touch and Naked are the 2015 Dike Muggan Era MVP's
  6. Big ups to Rasp, never met eachother but I see you doing your thing bruh.
  7. True I will take some real Detroit cats over an out of towner straight letter anyday. I just saw the new piece over it and was shocked how quick spots get taken back over there, didnt mean to say "idk wtf" like i was pissed hahah. . Lincoln tracks and the water tower at the fisher plant are probably the two most temporary spots ive seen in my 6 months or so of actually painting
  8. Oh good shit that the spot was taken over by some real writers whose spot it originally was... Ive went to chill there a bunch this summer, but it's twice now that ive came across a random tweaker claiming he was an artist. Shit is fun to watch how spots get beefed over down there.
  9. Dope Brzm throw a few pages back, was lucky to come across these
  10. Idk what the fuck happened to that TRAP and even the Luv'n Detroit part of that wall but I went to puff a lil doober today and there was this guy kinda tweakin out, he followed me to the spot where I bench up so I asked him if he was an artist after seeing that and he said yeah... totally acting strange not really sayin shit...
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