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  1. This is dope. I just wanted to say that I owe whatever career i have today to becoming an editorial contributor to 12ozProphet... The name alone got my foot into the door for my first real editorial internship. Now... I'm a staff writer at a pretty big magazine. Going to share this with my peoples for sure. Shouts out Taylor and Spencer if you still outchea.
  2. Former 12oz Editorial Writer here... I recently launched a newsletter focused on interviewing NYC Graffiti writers. Just dropped an interview with GESHU RYB and previously dropped one with NATO RA. Would love for heads here to support. https://crooknyc.substack.com/ Peace...
  3. Got myself some North Face gear.
  4. leisamp

    North Faces

    The North Face is reissuing the "Rage" Line this year. Bout to be Lit
  5. Smfh... The mainstream rap coming out of New York City fuckin trash... Who got some wavy underground artists that need to be highlighted. Here are some of my favorites
  6. leisamp

    North Faces

    A multitude of sources. Mostly of eBay. The market dries up frequently though. Barely find Steep Techs or guides nowadays.
  7. http://www.statenyc.com/ My homie's brand.
  8. I mostly move clothing through Facebook and Grailed. Fuck Off White shit is corny.
  9. leisamp

    North Faces

    I know a lot of peeps in this forum from NyC. How many of y’all are face heads? Peep game.
  10. Polo Sportsman Fly Fishing Knit. Popped up on CL and i copped for $100 off a lo life in flatbush.
  11. Kaws did a lot of work in the street fashion game with stuff like original fake and higher end brands like Undercover, BAPE and Supreme. However, you could get some really nice stuff from the KAWS/Uniqlo Collection this year for relatively cheap prices.
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