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  1. Gianluca

    6/4 Tattoo appt - looking for a reference

    k, I cancelled it and will be like everyone else and get the cliche skull & dagger. I figured of all places there would be some creativity/open minds but thats my own bad for asking a question on the internet. In defense of the artist how can you rip on him for an idea that he can execute and you can't even take a second to sit back and really think about it? Half the tattoo is already done as shown above. Your basically adding words, a plane and a person to something that already exists. New School is a style in the world of tattoos and what better way to pay homage? Thats my opinion and I'm entitled to it like y'all are entitled to yours. God Bless the Internet!
  2. Hey everyone, on June 4th I have an appt with my tattoo artist to get my newest piece done & was hoping someone could direct me to some references. Here is a pic of a Philly tat done in as in the city landscape new school style.Looking for stuff like this not tattoo just drawings/art etc. Basically my tattoo is going to be on my right shoulder. It's going to be like the city in the link. A skyline of buildings ( that pic is just a reference ) and I want my artist to add a bridge in there. Above the city will be a night scene such as stars etc and flying from and above the skyline will be a paper airplane then written out above that will be "Dream Big" in graffiti. Now here's the catch....right to the side somewhat below that scene will be a graffiti artist and it'll look like he just basically tagged that skyline on my back. The artist who's doing this has done some nice new school work so I'm excited about this piece. Now my question for anyone willing to help me is can you either post, link me to, etc some pics like the one in the link I provided. I gave the artist my concept & said take creative control. I believe an artist should incorporate his style but that's just my opinion. He wanted me to email him some ideas ( im a sooners fan so I sent him a pic of the OU logo bc I want the guy wearing an OU hat ) but city wise like in the link I really can't find much. It doesn't already need to be a tattoo just anything that I can look at for inspiration would be much appreciated. Thanks again for any info anyone can provide!