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    Fuck that shit
  1. I've been writing with that name for a year or so now man so I'm gonna stick with it haha thanks though and happy painting got some billboards to post running on 25e
  2. That message wasn't meant towards you man it was meant for Johnnycoal train I respected you're advice bro lol sorry for the misunderstanding
  3. Thanks for the advice man! Unlike half the people on here you're not a total dick head!
  4. Yea man I love trains that's all I have to paint where I live I just got greedy with it man I think where I've been in that yard so many times I just got carried away I usually do 3 pieces and one tag on the cars down that whole line but the tags are solid. I just need to go back to not trying to have every car and let the spot cool down for a few weeks look out for me on them ns coals man I got alot running. I figure most these trains go to Virgina up to New York and the rest to nc and sc or Florida.
  5. Lol dude I still haven't seen any flicks from you so until further notice you're just a fuck cunt. Go fucking eat a dick. And stop trying so hard to be an e hero. Go hit some spots
  6. So I think my yards bull is on to me I live in Kentucky literally in the sticks we have no graff scene besides me and one other person we mainly paint ns coal trains and hoppers and when i say that i usually do 2 or 3 pieces every 3 to 5 days but afterwards i will literally go down each line in the yard and do a few throws and at least a tag on every car until ive slayn everything in the yard and ive been doing this on and off for about 3 months now...the yards always been chill like stupid chill but recently I've noticed random patrols and spot lights any tips or info previous encounters/experiences? And yes I take breaks between them but recently it's like it's way hotter then usual. And yes Im experienced around the yard and very clean and discrete about entering/leaving the yard and I know it well. Any advice would be great.
  7. So go ahead mr.graff guru upload some spots you've hit.
  8. Hate on me if you want dude I'm still gonna do my thing get mad talk shit I don't care I don't see any spots you've hit. I also meant to say "does that look toy to you" go ahead post some flicks I hope they are better then mine just makes me want to mature my style more and more
  9. That's a highway spot I painted.
  10. And why in the fuck did my flicks upload upside down
  11. Dude. I've been painting solo in middlesboro Kentucky for years now man. I'm not a fucking toy but I'm not a king either everyone has room for improvement. I'm just trying to interact with other writers who are serious about the craft get off my nuts dude. I'm actually painting right now
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