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  1. This dude, still holding it down as of November.
  2. I wish I got pictures of that green fence next to 10 that 2buck, Jmack and someone else hit twice! First with a black and white and then it got buffed then they got it again with red and white i think but whatever that shit was huge. Fuck man if anyone has pics of that it was crazy. I remember driving past it a couple times but never had a camera with me.
  3. Just heard about 2Buck, fucking crazy to hear bc his work was so much larger than life... long live man
  4. Some real ass graffiti found at the Packard
  5. I feel you on the scene still being active, its definitely got some good shit left. The stuff getting run over recently got me depressed bc its either been buff or what looks like some idiot who just picked up a can. I think Gilbert might of hired a team of Grosse Point girls to spray shitty tags all over the place.
  6. Walked through there the other day, it should literally all just be demolished. I saw an 03 Turdl toyed out and some other super old shit down the tracks with bullshit over it. Detroit is officially lame. :'( :'( #sadboys
  7. Mid-buff "We received our education in the cities of this nation" :heartdecoration:
  8. ^ don't know what that shit is about but on the real, I would shoot/rob someone for a pair of Huf x Bronze 56k collab hitops. That shit is too fresh
  9. That rodeo and gray are sweet, always liked their weird stuff
  10. Shiiii brah my bad, I just flicked it, if i'm not mistaken it got taken back anyway
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