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  1. If you have any shots of TCB's work, please feel free to share it here.
  2. TCB embodies what it is to be a strong, dedicated, and motivated artist. With their talents exceeding painting they have been a local and worldwide pioneer of photography, crazy spots, and done some of the biggest things up in this area. They also have taught me, and many others, most of what I know about light painting photography and how to infiltrate efficiently and respectfully, as well as them being a huge inspiration in my (far less extensive) quest to make stop motion videos. See below. This is a series of two separate missions years apart. Lightwriting and Painting by TCB [MEDIA=vimeo]86750784[/MEDIA] Here is another one...this one was out ringing in the new year correctly. CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH. TCB A-Z by Lost and Found, on Flickr Shot and Edited by The Lost and Found Since what they do is mostly done in places that require freezing cold temperatures, never is the task easy. Not to mention the grand scale of the spot and the project at hand...this artist is simply a tank. Hats off to you TCB.:beercheers::beercheers::rocket::ghost:
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