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  1. MichaelThorsby

    A book about US hiphop mixtape cover art

    Discount... There have been some complaints that the book is too expensive, and yes it's pricey because of the small edition, high-end printing, and cost of the work involved, but as you seem to like it so much I would like to over you 20% discount, that's as far as we can go without loosing more money. Just enter the discount code: forum I hope this help you guys who really want it. NOTE: The code is only active for 48 hours...
  2. MichaelThorsby

    A book about US hiphop mixtape cover art

    Of course! No book, any category, should feature that cover!
  3. I would like to share with you a book project that me and my co-writer Tobias Hansson have just completed. “Damn Son Where Did You Find This? – A book about US hiphop mixtape cover art” is a celebration of artwork of the modern mixtape. Focusing on five of the biggest designers, of the past 10+ years, the book features around 500 covers and in-depth interviews with KidEight, Miami Kaos, Tansta, Mike Rev and Skrilla. The book also contain an introduction with quotes from people like Trap-A-Holics, Evil Empire, Rob Marksman and Mixtape Wall. The book is limited to only 400 hand-numbered copies and you can see more about it at http://damnsonwheredidyoufindthis.com We would love to get your feedback on what you think of it.