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  1. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com BLEEK CBS Q. You traveled to Thailand a few years back. I know Chip 7, another CBS crew member, has been out there for a while now. What was it like painting there? How would you compare the graffiti scene to that in the states?
  2. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com DALEK Q. Do you think being brought up in Japan for a period of time influenced your artwork?
  3. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com CARL WESTON VIDEOGRAF Q. When you started putting out videos this was literally uncharted territory. Not only were you the first one ever to put out a graffiti video series, you were the first one, to my knowledge, to film a "crime" and then sell it. Your videos were crimes marketed to criminals. Essentially. Style Wars came out during a different time where laws were still not well defined and it was presented in a more palatable way, also, it wasn't a series. Videograf fell outside of the parameters of what would be considered a traditional docu
  4. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com CHIP 7 You’ve spent a great deal of time on the road both in the states and overseas. What places and cultures impacted you the most? Where would you like to spend more time?
  5. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com CLAW Did painting an icon open up new doors for you as an artist and is mass marketing the Claw icon totally out of the picture for you?
  6. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com ESPO You came up writing graffiti in Philly. As an insider, what would you say is Philly’s major contribution to graffiti?
  7. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com ZEPHYR Q: Describe the experience of being an artist in NYC in the 1980s. What was so monumental about that scene during that time period?
  8. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com JOR Q. So you came up in San Francisco but your graffiti has a heavy old school New York influence, how did that happen?
  9. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com Jersey Joe Rime Q. Graffiti, in my opinion, is done by two types of people, craftsmen and innovators. The craftsmen learn how to draw, learn how to paint clean, learn basic tricks like highlights, bubbles, putting stars in their pieces etc. They have learned a trade and can execute it better than most. Much like a skilled carpenter or any other tradesman. The innovators take the basics and bring it to a whole new level. NACE is a great example of that. His early pieces had a huge KAWS influence. He took those basics and ran with them, devel
  10. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com EL KAMINO Q. Your graffiti has often consisted of unorthodox techniques and strange, unique shapes. What’s the rationale behind this against the grain approach? What kind of response did you get early on?
  11. EYE SAVIOR BILLBOARD 2002 ish. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com [MEDIA=vimeo]120918990[/MEDIA]
  12. APES FROM AROUND '99 OR '2000. I THINK THIS WAS BALTIMORE MARYLAND. SICK HEAVEN www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com [MEDIA=vimeo]119301952[/MEDIA]
  13. Lost footage of Nekst and Vizie I found in a shoebox from 2003. Thought all of these tapes were gone have been uploading footage for the past week with a ton more to go. www.theartofstorytellingarchives.com [MEDIA=vimeo]121246754[/MEDIA]
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