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  1. The media will always conflate a non-existant issue. The media will also target those who are not only uninformed, but live in a bubble of "repetitive social mores". These citizens usually live in a hyper-liberal bubble, surrounded by people who confess the same old platitudes, and are not open to adapting to these changes. It's just as bad for conservatives who don't adapt to progressive changes. The news, though, hasn't always been the evil money grubbers that they are known for being today. There was definitely a time before google when the news gave straight talk, no non-sense daily events. But with everything being bought out and being assimilated to larger corporate entities, the "truth" has been lost in whatever dogma the corporation focuses on. So I give credit to those who are actually on the ground just pointing their camera in the right direction. Not talking, no talking points, just pure unadulterated video of whatever is happening. We will never get back what the media started as.
  2. oh shit you're right...I didn't realize that complex bought them out they shut down any way
  3. a rug would be fucking baller NBHD x FUCT came out with the one rug I was too slow to cop
  4. I remember mero had a blogspot he locked it a while ago...mad dudes were biting his style and the way he spoke (4pins, I'm talking to you fuccbois) @DA KID MERO open up victory-light and interview Raven on vice
  5. I agree...money isn't necessarily the burden and evil most make it out to be...and the money, I always tell people this....if you earn a decent paycheck, the money isn't for the person who earns it, its for the people trying to take it from you....youre paying people to get away from you: bill collectors, taxes, etc. to me, and some may disagree with me, money grants you peace of mind.
  6. I understand what you're getting at @misteraven but i'll let you guys know right now...when depression spells hit you, it takes over every thought process. your actions, involuntary and voluntary, are literally propelled by it. you can even be fully aware that you're depressed and still it wouldn't matter. It's like a high you never want. And its true, the chemical imbalances are exactly like a drug that alters your perception. And depression comes in many forms. you don't even need to be sad. any range of emotion can be the background of your depression. The one common thing ive found among people who have depression is a lack of vitality. the opposite of depression is not happiness, its vitality. look up the definition of ennuis. that's basically what depression is times 100.
  7. I keep seeing these iPhone ads where you can unlock your phone with your face, add emojis using your face, and add your face as a "profile" for your phone when youre near another iPhone That's a little scary considering that phones can be lost, broken into, hacked, etc...and the government, with Sprint as proof, and they haven't exactly stopped the Patriot Act, they will look into your info. the new features on the iPhone should be taken in with a grain of salt...at my work, when we hand out government iPhones to VIP, we lock down everything...all the features that create a user "profile" is blocked at a registry level. And its not just settings that I lock down, we have a specific piece of software that we run on the phone that does the rest of the hardening for us. So i'd be weary of what these companies put out as "gimmicks" on their smart phones.
  8. @misteraven you should open up a patreon or something....put up your designs and people vote on them....but theyd need to subscribe and pay every month
  9. That's wild...I fucking love technical outerwear, I don't know why either...it just looks fucking baller and thanks man...that shit is exciting
  10. word....you know I'm copping all those...12oz product I fuck with heavy just cuz its rare as fuck....people ask me all the time where I get my t shirts from and I point them here
  11. yo....I would seriously buy a tnf jacket you make...itd be good to have a mountain jacket with pockets on the back that you can put spray cans and markers in
  12. I made my own camp hats bought from delusion manufacturing I want to get some unstructured 6 panels also....I'm gonna put the 12oz patches on them
  13. Adidas collab track suit would be nice north face collab also would be baller carhartt jumpsuit in khaki and black...so I can dress up as a ghostbuster
  14. The conspiracy theories are a glue that hold these fringe groups together...Social media fucking propogates that shit to an obscene amount. With the conspiracy theories, it gives reason for people to act paranoid, justify certain actions, and to, weirdly enough, make friends. But beliefs don't necessarily go hand in hand with actual facts. I'm glad you brought up the divide and rule school of thought...with groups marginalizing themselves, there's no cohesive collective of people to keep political forces from taking over. Splitting votes for fringe politicians, dividing already existing parties into smaller groups. It's weakening the republic.
  15. I totally agree...and for some reason it's only been happening now
  16. That's what's missing in discourse today, actually fucking research. I believe you understand this more than others, raven, that, when stupid people argue, it's really just because they're defending their idol. No real thought or research is put into the argument. There are entire groups who blindly follow and barf out what their idol says. They'll just repeat talking points that are easily debunked. And it's annoying as fuck that the only retaliation these people have is "fake news". Buzz words and a newspeak, basically a language they made up where they only talk in "talking points". Tribal fraternity shit, that's the only way they are able to communicate today. Lingua Tertii Imperii
  17. I'm gonna expand on that thought. Social media creates tribes. People with the same way of thinking, same school of thought, and from how they type, their own vernacular also. And this kind of environment creates an echo chamber. A group of people yelling out the same talking points, no real criticism, and no real valid points. This is dangerous because it breeds an extreme form of tribalism based on "us vs them" mentality, that would eventually turn to hate. 4chan is that way, facebook groups, and even some subreddits operate on that paradigm. 12oz can claim to be a tribe, but we don't reserve judgement and we call out the bullshit. We forgive and forget also. We're not a perfect platform but we don't go to extremes to defend a moot or useless point just to advance our own shit. The "dumb" people we hate on social media, some of them have a massive following. That's the scary part. The people who influence others.
  18. Im gonna try bringing back da kid mero
  19. What's up man! it's _operation_condor_....I'm fucking glad you're back!
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