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  1. thanks guys. have had a bit of time to step away from it and talked to the sponsor and mostly resolved what happened. (that stuff = essential, always run your nonsense through someone else if you have the option...) it was a bit my fault but also a terrible fit with the interviewer, who would have been my boss' boss. her and i weren't getting on at all and she hadn't reviewed my portfolio or any application materials prior to my arrival so i had to rush through them. not how i envisioned my introduction to this job, which is 10 minutes from my house and pays well (and is next to a good bench spot in my area). i'd built it up in my head to be the perfect job. but those high expectations were mine to set, and mine to fall from. an experience like that sucks for anyone, in or out of recovery, but i'm grateful for a sober network that'll catch me when i get all up in my head. good to see y'all. how you been @theprotester ????????
  2. i have so much to do today but i'm simply not in the mood.
  3. the AHCA probably won't have enough votes, and the affordable care act .... stays?
  4. right on, she up? she got burners? post up
  5. today i really really mangled a job interview that i was excited about. won't drink about it. want to, though.
  6. i post things on the internet. shouldn't have gotten a degree for this, but didn't really know what i was doing at 18 (or 23, or...) and am good enough at this that i'm still doing it. i don't think i'll stay at it forever and looking at a screen and reading nightmares all day isn't fun. i would rather be an electrician or a welder.
  7. it depends. if her layup only gets tankers that's a harder call
  8. i'm all for a thread jack on this topic. i graduated with a debt in the five figures six years ago, took subsidized and unsubsidized loans. i transferred into a private name-brand school because i bought the hype about it; one of the biggest mistakes i made in education and elsewhere. (well, my parents bought the hype too.) the idea that everyone needs to go to college is insane, the costs around it are insane. that was one of my biggest beefs with the "free college for all" crowd this year - there was no way to control the costs of college, which has been wildly outpacing inflation for some time now, owing partially to an explosion in the size of college administrations and overhead. and as raven and many others pointed out, you can/often do make a living on more than a degree alone. plenty of people with degrees struggle to do that. i think some of what's taught in high school and some of what's taught in college should be swapped. remedial courses like pre-calc shouldn't be taught in college at all (and i took pre-calc in college). that stuff should stay at the high school level. if you test into college-level math, by all means, go; we need you. if you test into college-level writing and reading comprehension, by all means, go if it makes sense. at the same time, financial management courses and the like that are often only found in business school should be taught in high school. kids should know how to pay a bill, balance a checkbook, take out a loan, etc. this would never happen because financial institutions need consumers who don't know what they're doing. but i think this shit's vital. [another on my high school curriculum: a requirement that you work an hourly, entry level customer-facing job for at least 3 months; this does more to prepare someone for the real world than any course i've ever taken and the best people i've worked with, especially in adult professional life, have been people who've worked those jobs.] imo, college should be a place to learn and advance thinking and education on a particular topic. advance sciences, arts, etc. and i don't think the government should pay for all of it. outside of fields that require one, a degree DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be viewed as a guarantor of a job. that's a deception. a liberal arts education isn't a guarantee of a job (which is okay!). merit and/or money should get you into a college if you want to pursue a liberal arts education. a more comprehensive high school curriculum and degree would help identify people who can and should pursue higher learning. i should've learned to fix cars. $0.02
  9. eating, coffeeing, about to waste a lot of time calling an insurance provider.
  10. thanks all, it's nice to close the book(s) on them. almost. i hope everyone who has outstanding loans pays it off and gets that feeling of security, word. the latest is i get to wait 30 days to see if the department of education discharges them or settles it, or whatever. it's dumb. it could be up to 23 cents by then, man
  11. them ribs look right. damn. didn't get to post the rest of my day, so here! got a coffee and breakfast burrito at a place in dc, big bear cafe. $13, not flavorful, very meh. the gentrifier places are an expensive hit or miss. I'd heard a bunch of good things but, alas.
  12. my day in pics from the other day. i skipped work to pick up a Christmas gift to myself. colorschemed while waiting for coffee to finish
  13. i miss my model trains ... new black jeans to replace old black jeans a metric shitton of ironlak some air max pegasus'
  14. i paid off my student loans this year, all of them. i am psyched about it. but since doing it months ago i didn't get any notice that it was all said and done, and you need that in case a credit report ever gets it wrong, or something. i did it proper (called to get the loan payoff amount and everything) so i had to see what was up. i called. the department of education added a balance of $0.12 to my debt after i paid it off. twelve cents. it's been accumulating interest for months. MONTHS! and if unchecked it would've gone delinquent and accrued even more fees. joke's on me.
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