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  1. Ah good looks. I am up to issue 4 now - originals joints by Cost & Revs, Gano. Faust, Keo, SP, Vamp, Claw and on and on and on!
  2. Doing a giveaway and a 15% discount this weekend fyi. Giving away this pack below, all originals from the artists on these crazy vintage blanks The one and only hand-done pack I'm releasing into the wild. You could win eveything you see here and a few other surprises. Want to thank everyone who supported by dishing out these one of a kind gems. Good luck and good looks again. Rules 1: You must have copped a zine or blanks vintage pack to enter. 2: Post a pic of your copy or your blanks with hashtags #vintagebadges and #taeone. 3: If you havent recieved your copy or pack by deadline just DM me a screenshot of your order. 4: Winner will be randomly selected on Thanksgiving- Thursday Nov 28th 5: Deadline to enter is Wednesday November 27th
  3. What good fammos - just dropped this zine of vintage stickers that I had hit by a good 40 of my favorite writers. Nyc legends like Desa Ket Kaws and Cro - New nyc killers like Anso and Dak and even a few non-ny heavyweights like Felon and Pez. I had started collecting vintage stickers this past summer and it soon dawned on me that I should have my fav writers hit them, next thing I know this zine was at the printers. I had been collecting for awhile and grew up writting but was getting bored with the same old 228s and the same old writers getting jocked. Theres a good mix here of legends and slept on dudes who killed it. The stickers themselves are fascinating. All kinds of crazy joints including 1977 Star Wars kids badges, these crazy cloth stickers from a private party at Coors headquarters back in the 70s and tons of slickly designed Hello My Name Is badges. Peep the shop if you want a copy. I also have some fireee vintage blank packs up for grabs so peep if this is your type of thing. Good looks. https://stickupkidsshop.bigcartel.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tae0ne/
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