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  1. The Yankee in me is terrified of southern accents. Going to get a slice of pie from waffle house was the most alienating thing I've done in a minute
  2. Teck and dazo from flint. Saedo from grandrapids and some fuckboy kin from mount pleasant. Sorry for the all around shit quality of flicks
  3. scv

    Cooking with 12oz

    Easy smeazhy rice pudding. All quantities eyeballed according to the amount of pudding desired. Heavy cream. Boiled rice(I use a mix of wild rice and white, like a good timber nig should ) Maple syrup(the real shit, reserve that hoe miss Butterworth for your Bisquick son) Golden raisins, cinniman, and sliverd almond for garnish. Okay so basically this shit is more a bowl of rice soaked in heavy cream, syrup and topped with shit to make it pretty. But trust me it's tasty and worth the effort. Take the pre boiled rice and put it in a pan with your heavy cream and warm it up like a child with maleria in Malii(keep stirring it milk skin ain't no fun). Add the syrup once warmed ccompletely (don't boil) and stir until the rice cream and syrup are melded together. Add a dash of cinnamon to get the flavor in the mix, then pour into a dish and garnish with more cinnamon, raisins and almonds for a crunch. My grandmother's recipie for using leftover rice. I guess if you don't want much fat you could substitute milk, but why the fuck would you want to do that it's even less like pudding... let cool and enjoy.
  4. Fuck the north east and their pin head sized ticks.. Wood ticks are at least sizable, waking up with 6 small black dots sucking blood from your body just gives me another excuse to sit and drink inside, stay out of anywhere that isn't concrete and rebar.
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