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  1. ZendaColin

    Ron Paul Revolution!!!!

    This book is a great description of the Ron Paul movement for relative newcomers. Brian Doherty gives the background story of Ron Paul's congressional runs as well as his first stab as the Presidency in the libertarian party.
  2. ZendaColin

    go fuck yourself, syria

    Akak,nothing to say,nothing to lose
  3. ZendaColin

    Internet Hustle...

    It makes me shock !
  4. ZendaColin

    Illegal Immigrants

    Although they are white or black,love is color blind. are you Racism?
  5. ZendaColin

    War is hell

    Great share,thanks so much
  6. ZendaColin

    The best reasons to believe that there is a God

    I believe in GOD :)
  7. ZendaColin


    I am a new member. I hope to get more game to play. Thanks!