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  1. It's real, specifically when dope's involved.
  2. you just forced me to learn about this creature. dope.
  3. not hockey skates brah. aaaaand THATFUCKINSHITSWACK. we call that shit fruit booting up here homie don't get stuck widdit.
  4. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11662904/adrian-peterson-disputes-claims-twitter-diatribe-1st-court-appearance ^^ an article talking about those new claims against peterson and how he's taken to twitter addressing them which to me, shows he's legit aout it. only an idiot would start yapping about serious allegations like those on social media, specifically during an actual federal case on a different front. i call bullshit onnem, or at least exaduration to various degrees.
  5. can't say its a surprise, graffiti cultures dead. i'm done getting angry about it. i am proud to have been apart of a real movement, subculture, lifestyle that was as pure as anything before, or after its time. so many things about it made sense to me, now none of it does so i don't try to make any sense of it. i do things just for me now, albeit in smaller much more calculated doses. i don't pay attention online or hang out with younger writers, i don't care about whats going on wherever. i just do it for me, its better that way. it also keeps things exciting again here and t
  6. i jerked off to this earlier this morning, true story. to the ass not the eagle i swear...
  7. definitely not trying to jump the gun on that new AP stuff, from the article posted it really doesn't come across as a sexual assault situation though who knows. ill also say that people would be very surprised to learn about how many charities are just tax washes and if brought to light, would be referred to as fraudulent. defiantly doesn't exactly polish up someones image or even respectability for that matter but it is actually very normal. wether that makes it right or not remains to be seen, but normal yes.
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