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  1. @joker love seeing what you do in this community and really appreciate everything. I've decided I want to practice a classic tag first before developing a different style. Just starting out with some simple letter at the moment until I get the feeling for them.
  2. Messing around with my handstyle. Looking to improve mine so all criticism welcome
  3. whtboi202


    Edit: moved post to toy thread
  4. Been awhile since I've thrown down a lil simple piece
  5. If I have stickers to post should I put them in here? Or is there another thread for that Edit: letter "S" I drew the other day at work
  6. Don't really like the "H" at all in this one tbh
  7. Been about 5 years since I've picked up a pen. The "king" is going to be a religious piece for someone. I know I am extremely far from a king 😅
  8. I really like your stuff ZOMB keep up the good work! Damn i havnt been on a graff forum in years lol Anyways i just started drawin again, anything to say about these? (Been a few years lol)
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