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  1. whtboi202


    @Giantlive to see how much your style has evolved in the short time I've been here. Keep going strong bro. Had a little free time at work today.
  2. If you use a ruler you're only cheating yourself and your own skills. No one else's
  3. @JokerThank's bro I really appreciate all the criticism and help you have provided since I found this place. Your work is always so inspiring and helpful. I do eventually want to add some style to my tag for sure. I've been keeping it fairly simple just to get the flow of my letters down in general. Just my letter S is 10x better than what it was a month ago imo. I also picked up a First Step Series Calligraphy book recently which I want to study and learn. I think that will help me a lot with learning how letter flow naturally. Thanks again for everything you do here man, gonna practice working on my throw for sure. Love how you combined the top of the S A together, looks so sick
  4. Another quick page at work
  5. @GiantI'm really feeling that last one bro! Keep it up homie @Ray40love that even though your parents took your supplies for sketching away, you don't let that stop you from practicing. reminds me how much I was in love with graffiti and my desire to get better at your age. Haven't had much time lately for anything but here's a few more tags while I had a minute at work. Still working on it
  6. @joker love seeing what you do in this community and really appreciate everything. I've decided I want to practice a classic tag first before developing a different style. Just starting out with some simple letter at the moment until I get the feeling for them.
  7. Messing around with my handstyle. Looking to improve mine so all criticism welcome
  8. whtboi202


    Edit: moved post to toy thread
  9. Been awhile since I've thrown down a lil simple piece
  10. If I have stickers to post should I put them in here? Or is there another thread for that Edit: letter "S" I drew the other day at work
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