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  1. I'd do hot chic. If your friend is your friend, they'll be there after. It's not like they haven't seen you date other people right? Chance you have to take is if they are wrapped up in something else when you come back around. If your okay with that, go for hottie.
  2. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! We had to do this with our dog. It was hard for the family. Good news he went to a good friend and we see him now and then. Although he recognizes new home as Pack, he still gets hype when he hears my voice. That feels good. It is really hard though.
  3. Can you do water based therapy? This tends to be better on the joints while also using more muscle power in a controlled environment.
  4. Decent of Woman is a book that came out in the 70's I think. Basically the first chapter claims men are genetic mutations of women. That the XY chromosome should always be the XX... Penis is an enlarged clitoris, etc... Major breakthrough was the explanation of nipples, why men still had them if they didn't need them... I have the book laying around somewhere if anyone wants to take a gander.
  5. It's been hella cold out. I just figured out I could combine my hoodies with my awesome flannel collection underneath to incubate. For someone that prides themselves on the smarts, I was full of farts up until then.
  6. It's interesting that popular culture is being force fed this woman. She's everywhere, for what? Showing boobies? Being terrible at music? So what, so are tons of other performers. I have a theory she's specifically being pushed on us so later on when she's a shit show we can all be distracted by her reality TV show to not care what the fuck is going on elsewhere. It makes me kind of paranoid now on what's in store...
  7. It comes to this, if we let our country be ran by religious fanatics, they are eventually are going to turn on the rest of the world. It will reminiscent of another religious movement we here in the US of A like to call Manifest Destiny.
  8. https://twitter.com/Bill_Nye_Tho__ One of the best twitter accounts ever.
  9. Dear Bill Nye, Thank you for defending for Science! Dr. B. Christ
  10. Oh my god. I just watched this. What a crazy place. I really think these people do not think globally. Americans think the whole world revolves around them. They are going to teach their kids to be ignorant in relation to a global job market and they won't be able to survive on their own. The world will eat them up. Now there's poetic justice for you, survival of the fittest!
  11. Hey, you looks good, won't you back that azz up You'se a fine young camel, won't you back that azz up Call you Big Camel when you back that azz up Who is you spitin' at? Back that azz up
  12. Here's what I took from it; I think Nye did this not to convince Ham of his point of view or even to discredit him... maybe embarrass Ham (which anyone can do). I think Nye's success is educating people that don't know of the conflict, or don't know exactly what the exact issue is... he is creating the awareness with his popularity and reach. Bill Nye is the man. I like that he kept talking directly to the state of Kentucky, you can see although they're taking shots at each other, Nye is definitely trying to educate the public. On that note, a pic of a penguin. I love science.
  13. You make plans to wake up early and get shit done only the night before know, KNOW when you lay down, you ain't getting up for nothing. There go the plans, the morning and the rest of the day trying to catch up.
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