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  1. Couldn't feel a thing. So far it's been proximity to bone equals more pain. Ribs are pretty shitty.
  2. I got my ass tattooed a little while ago. worked on my back a bit and ribs a bit as well. Stole the photos from thomas' instagram because i don't take photos of myself...
  3. My wife got me this for our first anniversary. it's rad. Purple damascus with mylar.
  4. I'm everywhere you've never been, I'm better than I've ever been.
  5. Obtained. My wife's awesome. very belated christmas gift.
  6. before I read this thread I was completely indifferent to the plane going down. Assumed malfunctions and shit and plane went down in the water not where it was supposed to have been. After reading this thread I still assume the same. But kind of want it to be something more crazy like hijackers stealing it to fly a bomb somewhere as that is some crazy real life bond villain stuff. Not saying i want it to succeed but imagine the hollywood blockbuster type of story it'd be if there's a huge climax to this story. You guys have some entertaining theories. My bet is on an eccentr
  7. Nothing fancy. My breakfast most days. 6 eggs with 1-200 grams of chicken and lots of cracked pepper. Plus some berries. And a few glasses of orange juice.
  8. Some zombies are more recently deceased and still have some muscle. Skulls are pretty damn thin and she's got a razor sharp katana. She sharpens it every time she has ten minutes downtime. Explanation enough for me. Every show ever has holes in it aside from breaking bad in my opinion. Just explain it away in your head however you want. This shows still fucking rad. However. I honestly can't believe it's the most watched basic cable series.
  9. And throwing something 3/4 feet over your head isn't that big of a deal to me. I stand by chucking my bag over. Even if it's up to 40 kilos You have physics to help by trebuchet-ing with the strap between your legs the over your head. I've worked lots of times on roofs and have had to carry out that exact task a few time with little issue. (I am a bit of a goon looking dude though, 6'5 and 280) I'd help you little guys throw your shit over the fence too. Friendly Canadian even in an apocalypse.
  10. I have a gift from my brother in law that has literally no use but to take out zombies. Super light throwing axe with a spike on one side and sharp as fuck blade that'd easily drive through a perfectly healthy skull let alone some undead fuck. It's totally smooth and hardly hooked so I feel like it'd be easy to pull out of said skulls. Don't own any guns as I'm in Canada but I do have the fact that it's -16 Celsius so if dudes hearts stopped beating it'd be quick clean up time after a week day-z style. Crushing frozen heads But on top of awesome non tiring throwing hatchet wielding I'v
  11. drink the drink and do fun stuff. I hate drinking games they're shit.
  12. every 2 or 3 days I'll have eggs and put around 100 grams of deli meat in them and scrambled with what most think is too much cracked pepper. the other days just fruit or cereal. but cereal takes a box to make me not hungry by break time. I've got a stomach that is too large I think, or I'm just a glutton. I'd definitely be tossing a pack over a fence. fuck losing all your shit. and if you're carrying a pack that's over 40 kilos you're carrying too much stuff anyways. don't most of you guys do things which require fence hopping anyways? with packs full of shit if you paint.
  13. they be frackin around boats. water comes out flammable from the taps!!!!! fear mongering done right solid, albeit standard, advice on waiting for new models to be coming out. who gives a shit what year their fridge is? my wifes an amazing negotiator so I'm sure we'll be able to get something decent on the cheap.
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