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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/115588082@N04/12159835985/ Heres a pic of the cars I was talking about.
  2. If for any reason the link isnt working im just gonna copy paste the URL to it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/115588082@N04/12160072583/ Thanks
  3. Did this one a couple of weeks ago. Didn't have any markers so its just black and white atm. Crits maybe? idk, thought id post it, nothing better to do. tkx
  4. Just asking for some help, shit on my thread if you want. And yeah, they took me off the shifts at the local precinct because my little pig legs couldnt keep up with the baddies, now there making me set up sting ops on a graff forum. c'mon son. btw heres a vid of me busting this girl tryin to sell drugs, im the white officer (keep in mind this is before I gained all the weight).
  5. All my haters can suck my dick, bunch of pussys scared of someone they dont know on a forum.
  6. I may come off as a toy but I've got a really nice piece I sketched up a few months back and have been dying to do something with it. Figured id check with you guys and see if I could leave the piece in one of these black books thats being passed around, its a real gem. Let me know you guys. Much respect ~Zepoid~ P.S. I'm up in Seattle WA, let me know how I can get ahold of it or if i gotta submit something to someone. Thanks
  7. True, How did you see past my disguise?!?! tpbm likes the feeling of cold snow on his left nipple ;)
  8. I love how you signed up just to post that comment.....props??
  9. Holly shit, I lost it at that pic, i remember that story XD. and FYI I'm not much of a Belieber myself, more of a Directioner :P. If your gonna hate on my post at least put some effort into it, shittiest troll reply @Cardboard
  10. Hows it going 12oz, I've been going around the forum for quite a few months checking things out and figured id sign up for an account. I just recently started stenciling with a friend of mine, we were a good team but now shes off her feat for a couple months due to surgery. So while shes off her feet I cant really get much done on my own in terms of large stencils etc etc. So I figured id stop by the forum and see if anyone in the SEATTLE are was up for some team mischief mwahaha. It's almost impossible for me to meet other street artists when im just out and about stenciling. I've
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