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  1. Re: some TEXAS benching!!! OKAY, im not kissin anybodies ass plaaya, im just not tryin to start any bullshit internet beef with anybody on here, because i mean, really? its just the internet, nobody really gives a shit. theres no point in talkin shit over the internet cuz you or I may be just some skinny ass white kid talkin shit on a graffiti website, tryin to come off as a "gangster", and thats just not the truth. How can you not give keep props? hes got style like a mo fo. well thats whatever to you man, if you really wanna be that guy who talks shit on the internet than go ahead but that aint me. im just gonna chill on here to hopefully progress by entering battles and thats all i really care about. cuz at the end of the day, i don't really know you, you don't really kno me. your a writer, im a writer.
  2. this a joke thredz? looks like it dropped
  3. not a bad drive through if your munchn!:mad:
  4. so sic i ralphed in my anorak
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