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  1. Re: some TEXAS benching!!! OKAY, im not kissin anybodies ass plaaya, im just not tryin to start any bullshit internet beef with anybody on here, because i mean, really? its just the internet, nobody really gives a shit. theres no point in talkin shit over the internet cuz you or I may be just some skinny ass white kid talkin shit on a graffiti website, tryin to come off as a "gangster", and thats just not the truth. How can you not give keep props? hes got style like a mo fo. well thats whatever to you man, if you really wanna be that guy who talks shit on the internet than go ahead b
  2. this a joke thredz? looks like it dropped
  3. not a bad drive through if your munchn!:mad:
  4. so sic i ralphed in my anorak
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