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  1. Lunch-Box

    stuck in the come up

    right right, i see about the quickness and i do quick ones mostly, 2 color fill border and outline. I guess pieces are what i should have said. i like to do throwup style pieces. throws just with a lot of extra details. that's kinda my problem i want to do get into more complex and complicated pieces now as well. i feel like im ready to do more with my cans i just lack the guidance.
  2. Lunch-Box

    stuck in the come up

    I've been writing for about a year now and i feel I've taught myself everything i really can on my own. i need real advise from real writers that actually work in the medium of aerosol. I've been an artist my whole life and have always preferred graphic design and working with letters. i like throwup's, when your out with a back pack full of cans and just searching for that spot and you finally get to it and start pulling out your cans and tips, getting set up and take that last look around and close listen to make sure nobody's around and then put the can up to the wall and watch the paint land on the surface as you make that first line with your back turned to the world. throwup's take time and require a calmness and concentration, when your working for 15-20-40 min in one location you need to be aware and If you're going to put down the paint make sure its worth looking at to other people right? relaxation, concentration i can control even bombing solo however, when i look at some of the pieces that inspire me and that that work that i aspire too such as Sofles Color control or Seak's dope 3D ability no matter how much i watch and study the lines i cant seem to produce fading and mixing anywhere near as clean. i tried to put an example photo up by no matter how small i make it its too big to upload... if anyone who is on a real level can help me out please do. from when i started to now I've seen a drastic improvement in my can control, overall ideas and my work as a whole, but I've essentially hit a wall i feel and i cant seem to produce any better new work now.. i dont see progress like i was making before. its like I've gotten stuck in whats comfortable but i need to challenge myself to learn new techniques. any advice is much appreciated. thanks to all the inspiration out there writing and keeping me inspired!