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  1. I think you can, but we gonna have to need to agree on other sites to meet up. Like when 12 oz was getting fixed.
  2. Yeah, but its all good, if they wanna return it they'll return it. Can't wait to see the rest of the books though.
  3. So im out and my book is lost? Just wonderin, shouldve checked up here more often. Hows everyone else' book coming along? Updates?
  4. AztekaOner


    decy - yeah that was the only thing I didn't like about them pumas, other than that its straight. porce - member goin to ross to get my shit when I had job interviews, those nikes from ross look straight, what they called, need a pair for running.
  5. thick lookin chicks, yep. the blue bikini chick, why not. t,s,s,t,t, have away at it fellas. don't be shy.
  6. AztekaOner


    the nike burger is dope.
  7. http://www.playvid.com/watch/qw6dDcJ4uj7
  8. AztekaOner


    Thanks for the lookout.
  9. it got lost on transit to the uk if im not mistaken, might be.
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