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  1. cc937

    Kickstarter for Afrika

    Trying to get the word out on this project, we are halfway there but momentum has really slowed down. Afrika was a very close homie of mine and I know he touched a lot of people. I know if the community pulls together we can make this happen. I understand money is tight for most of us but every dollar counts, if anything just check it out and share...
  2. cc937


    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1097251685/afrisdacha-a-mobile-exhibition-of-artems-work This is a kickstarter project for a mobile exhibition of Afrikas art, please share and give if you can, every dollar counts. Lets make this happen!
  3. cc937


    one from my book... :o
  4. cc937


    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1097251685/afrisdacha-a-mobile-exhibition-of-artems-work Afrika was a very close homie of mine, this is a link to a kickstarter project for a mobile exhibition of his work. This has got to happen!! Please share this and donate if you can. I will be posting pics also as soon as i can take the flicks/
  5. cc937

    shameful/awesome sex story souperthread.

    Actually, that was my first post. I just joined! Still figuring things out, more stories to come though!
  6. cc937

    shameful/awesome sex story souperthread.

    I was fooling around with my ex after he got off work(he worked in a kitchen) and he starts fingering me, as soon as the fingers go in my vag gets hot and it burns, it keeps getting hotter and I figure he must have snuck some kind of warm lube in there or something. Im actually getting into it so I don't say anything. He slides his dick in and my vag is still on fire but I don't even care, after maybe one minute hes all like wtf is it just me or is it really hot!? So turns out he had been cutting peppers at work and the fuck didn't wash his hands. duh. He pulls out. Nobody jizzed. the end. my sex life sucks