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  1. Here's some indication: https://www.coindesk.com/chainalysis-says-bitcoin-scammed-from-twitter-users-is-on-the-move The defrauded bitcoin amassed during Wednesday’s monumental Twitter hack is already “on the move,” according to cryptocurrency tracing firm Chainalysis. Chainalysis told CoinDesk it is monitoring four wallets associated with the attack. The most prevalent address received $120,000 in bitcoin from 375 transactions. Secondary addresses received $6,700 in bitcoin from 100 transactions. An XRP wallet netted nothing. So far, a wallet whose associations are not yet known has received 5 bitcoin ($46,055) in total. “We are collaborating with our customers to find leads from this wallet,” Chainalysis spokesperson Maddie Kennedy said. Part of the scam relied on hackers churning their own crypto between wallets to inflate the number of people who appeared to be chipping in, according to Chainalysis. The firm called the tactic “unsurprising.” A Japanese wallet that sent scammers $40,000 in bitcoin appears to have been the single largest victim of the still-unexplained hack. International exchanges were generally the source of victims’ bitcoin, Chainalysis said. No BTC has been cashed out to fiat just yet, the crypto-sleuthing firm added.
  2. I'd probably avoid posting links to what might be legit red rooms.
  3. "We are down to Kool-Aid drinkers and next of kin with this administration" Great summary from some dude on TV after he was asked if there was anyone left to tell the President that his latest press conference was not positive for his re-election.
  4. A presidential adviser - who just happens to be related to the president, in a case of clear nepotism - is promoting a product that officially endorsed the president's re-election. I think it was @misteraventhat said this presidency has basically dropped all facades and is now just blatantly not giving a fuck and doing whatever it wants*. And the Republican party is not doing a thing about it. @misteravenmade that comment in the context that all govts are the same in terms of corruption. I agree with this, to a point. All govts are corrupt to a degree and do bad shit, the Obama admin was no different. But I do think that the Trump admin has taken this to an astronomical level.
  5. Hua Guofang


    That's a pretty well thought out response, I have no idea of its accuracy but I'm glad you wrote it, thanks.
  6. Hua Guofang


    How people aren't just shooting at police randomly on the street is beyond me. I'm not saying that's what I want to see happen, but seeing so many videos like this makes me wonder why it isn't happening (maybe I'm just not seeing it over here, or something)
  7. The thing that I don't understand about people like that, is that they're allowed to carry on with their utter idiocy but we're not allowed to smash their heads down into their chest cavities with lumps of concrete or other such dense material. How does that make any sense?
  8. I fucking love this guy. Twerk the means of production and eat the hot chips of our oppressors!!
  9. Absolutely. The people who carry on about it being no worse than a cold literally do not know what they are talking about because nobody does. Fucked if I want to take a chance with it, especially having a kid in the house. We might think that they are largely unaffected by it, but that's based on current knowledge, which is extremely limited.
  10. There is so much unexpected shit coming out of this virus: Seems antibodies might only last about 3 months Likely to have lasting effects on brain health Is able to reproduce and populate the host to the point of being infectious before the host shows symptoms Extremely infectious due to the make up of the protein spikes
  11. This goes back to some of the discussions had in this thread, and I'm not even sure of the second part, regards ongoing impacts. Just the 1% (which is under-rated) is enough to grab attention as well as flesh out the point that not shutting down will end up with a fucked economy anyway:
  12. Jesus fucking christ ^^^ Just because you have a camera with a mic doesn't mean you should be seen or heard.
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