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  1. I wasnt aware i needed to explain anything. This really is like an ad for ironlak, which is chinese shit in a can and unless its free and youre painting a legal wall its useless. This isnt graffiti, this is "graffiti art" and I think thats not only boring but not even close to a graffiti video. I dont even know why i started posting again. I guess if you know, then you know. This shit is not graffiti.
  2. I dont get it. Its not really a graffiti video. Its sad people think that this is good, but then again these people probably dont do graffiti. This is cool for edgy people who went to art school.
  3. Dude, why are you salty? You are the biggest square. You are on a graffiti forum, not an upstanding citizens from texas forum. Fucking weirdo
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