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  1. http://i.imgur.com/NhP0vFS.jpg[/imgcanvas for my lil sisters 12th b-day. sucks that i cant even do a canvas sober. oh well, i'll drink to alcoholism. TACOS!!!!
  2. I think I felt a cop thumb-rush me in the butt the other night man. never lean to close to them and ask them if it is them that smell like Gain. Drunk new years confession.
  3. bitchin' snowman was fun. But the new word is "JANUARY". I hope it hasn't been done already. someone let me know if it has and we can switch it up.
  4. Stuffing and Turkey gravy left over from Xmas dinner.
  5. lol cool story and all but colours and fills are part of graffiti... IT'S AN ART MAANNN! and your blackbook must be mad boring, all black and white, no colors?
  6. Sorry it took so long. Been busy.
  7. Shit, didnt read the rules. Thought it was black and white... lol MEK killed it.
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