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  1. Back on to the flicks. . . That HBAK cracks me the fuck up, it's actually an animation haha.
  2. Nah man, I've been benching for years, and have thousands upon thousands of flicks and these are the most fun for me to print. Thats the main point, most fun for me. That and people grab these first at shows, everytime, so its fun to share them. Not just selective coloring, btw, but multi layer compositing... For fun. Like... theres no real wolf...its an art piece.... so it's not in the photography thread. Lol there's always a hipster using the word "tacky" complaining about purist photography.
  3. Trains all day. Lots more of these to come. Bench photography and mad edits. Always stoked to connect with like minded chillers. Flickr and IG under the same name, original_mtn, or on our bench gallery >>> http://www.thefreightsnipers.com
  4. Word. All my flicks are hardcore graffiti centered like in the video and the one flick I posted above so far, which is why I joined and started this thread. I am loading them all to flickr now and was hoping to post them here, but like the dude who just bloated this with non graffiti google images pointed out though, I might be best suited moving to a photography thread. Another member here messaged me and said I might want move to a photography thread to dump all my work as well. Close this if you want to. All good with me. herbsyntec, dude resize when you post to forums with those bloated ass 2500 pixel images.
  5. Word, I should probably move to the photography thread then. . .
  6. Fair enough, flicks it is. I have hundreds of shots edited in this style. Probably stick around here for a bit and share them off and on. Cool then. Sweet forum, y'all, stoked to be here.
  7. Hey first post here. I am a train photographer and graphic designer, figure y'all might dig this. Here's a grip of train photography that's heavy on the edits and filters cuz that's my thing. I was thinking about posting images on here too, and I might if people want them, but for now here's a mix of images on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgDlolvCtPE I guess you can't embed videos here? Maybe that's a good thing. Anyway, check it if you're bored or whatever. Enjoy.
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