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  1. Instead of posting a new thread after each release we found out it may be better to just have one thread for ideas, feedback and suggestions of writers we should feature. So in this thread you will find the latest episodes and you will be able to let us know what you think. Attached is our latest episode featuring SWET! Hit us with your feedback... MONOCHROME 004 - SWET
  2. Yesterday we released our latest book, UZI, Writers United Football Club. The first 24 hours we sold 200 books out of 400 so don't sleep on this one if you are into tags and throw-ups and a true collector. Here is a trailer we made and and a short description. Available exclusively through www.spraydaily.com (world wide shipping, 7 EUR). UZI – Writers United Football Club is a collection of UZIs own documentation mixed with live photos by photographer Leo Rivinoja. The book summarise 10 years of rigorous and systematic bombing in the streets of Stockholm and the search for the perfect style when it comes to tags and throw-ups. The book is printed in a limited edition of 400 copies that all is signed and numbered by the artist. Each books also comes with a signed A5 screen print. Available exclusively through www.spraydaily.com (world wide shipping, 7 EUR).
  3. @theprotester Thanks man! Feel free to share the video to anyone who may be interested.
  4. @One Man Banned Thanks for the feedback, as you wrote the idea is to keep it clean and simple! We will keep the video short and just feature one artist in each but since it is a series of videos there will be a playlist on Youtube so you can just sit back and watch a new episode and writer automatically. Hopefully we will be able to release at least one new video every second week so after a while there will be a great archive of style and artists represented.
  5. We just released this first episode in our new video series called MONOCHROME. First out is Sport [THE, MSA] from Copenhagen. Black, chrome a clean wall and style accompanied with music by Pistol Pete. Enjoy! Please give us some feedback in this thread how we could improve, what you think about the format and suggestions of writers/artists you would like to see featured in future episodes. MONOCHROME is a series of videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Spraydaily.com. Clean and simple short graffiti videos featuring one writer and three cans in every episode. Clean pieces on clean walls by selected graffiti writers from around the globe.
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